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Torsion testing camshafts at ThyssenKrupp Presta

The function of the camshaft is to open the inlet and outlet valves of the engine in accordance with designed timing parameters. A variety of materials and manufacturing methods are used in camshaft production to cater for the high loadings involved. At ThyssenKrupp Presta’s Ilsenburg plant in Germany, a special torsion tester is used for in-production quality control. 

Weight reduction combined with optimized performance remains a key objective in the development of new automotive components. ThyssenKrupp Presta manufactures camshafts for car and truck engines at its Ilsenburg site. 

Due to their area of use, camshafts must withstand high, sustained torsion loadings. During in-production quality control ThyssenKrupp Presta uses a torsion tester from ZwickRoell’s TorsionLine range to determine the torque at which joints between components  of a built-up camshaft  will loosen. Camshaft sections are mounted horizontally in the machine and subjected to increasing loads up to 500Nm torque, with attention focused on the elastic and plastic deformation of the camshaft components to each other. A particular feature of this ZwickRoell testing solution is the contact-free measurement of the angle of rotation via the  laserXtens laser extensometer from the ZwickRoell product range. laserXtens is also ideal for retrofitting to existing machines, such as a TL500 torsion testing machine which had already been in use at Ilsenburg for a number of years.

ZwickRoell’s TorsionLine features an extremely high degree of stiffness. This ensures very accurate rotation-angle measurement throughout the torque range, allowing high repeat accuracy and precise rotational speeds to be achieved. Operation is via testXpert II testing software. TorsionLine has a wide range of application, particularly in the automotive industry. In addition to camshafts, TorsionLine is also used for torsion tests on items such as rubber-metal joints, steering shafts, bow springs and clutch discs.

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