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ZwickRoell Modernizes Test Portal at TU Berlin

At the Institute of Civil Engineering at TU Berlin, scientists are working on the continuous optimization and further development of, among other things, convertible systems in construction engineering, bridge structures or infralight concrete. To this end, a large test portal was implemented at the institute that, thanks to a modernization by ZwickRoell, was designed to be compatible with future generations of technology and thereby also well-equipped for future research activities. 

The test portal features 2,500 kN and 1,000 kN servohydraulic testing actuators and is used within the scope of research projects for performing load and fatigue tests on construction materials and heavy concrete structures.   

The performance of servohydraulic test stands is determined to a large degree by the measurement and control electronics used, together with the associated testing software. For this reason, the TU Berlin opted for a modernization by ZwickRoell using a Control Cube servo controller and Cubus testing software. Control Cube is ideal for retrofitting existing servohydraulic testing machines, particularly for multiaxial applications.  

Impressive features of the Cubus software platform include outstanding versatility and an extremely user-friendly operating concept, especially important when faced with frequently changing testing requirements within the scope of research projects. Cubus software programs are suited for a range of tests, from simple cyclical tests to static ramp tests to advanced applications such as simulation tests.