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19.01.2022 Effect of cure on mechanical properties of a composite The motivation to achieve a ‘proper cure’ seems obvious or intuitive but what really happens if we don’t cure a thermoset composite properly? Read more
17.01.2022 Medical & Pharmaceutical Testing Forum ZwickRoell is offering an online testing event! This blog provides key details for the Medical & Pharmaceutical Testing Forum and a brief overview of what to expect in February. Read more
16.12.2021 White Paper - Seven Essential Plastic Industry Trends The plastics industry is defined by continuous innovation, a rapid pace of change which creates new challenges—and new opportunities for companies who can adapt successfully. Read more
13.10.2021 DuraScan Efficiency, flexibility and process reliability are the key words that describe the DuraScan G5 family of products.They can be used to perform Vickers, Knoop and Brinell test tasks over a wide load range. Read more
13.10.2021 HDT Vicat Due to the high temperatures, the requirement for thermal resistance of plastics is increased in a large number of applications.ZwickRoell has therefore developed a new, powerful testing system to test the temperature resistance of plastics: the Amsler HDT/Vicat Allround 6-300 Read more
08.10.2021 New White Paper - 5 Ways to Optimize Autoinjector Testing: Higher Throughput and Less Risk Autoinjectors and other injection devices are a vital growth market with rigorous, specialized requirements for quality testing. Read more