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15.08.2022 ZwickRoell Mechanical Testing Techniques Training Course ZwickRoell offers a professional, comprehensive, and cost-effective training course which concentrates on a wide range of mechanical testing disciplines. Read more
27.07.2022 Training Course An Introduction to Closed Loop Control This two-day course covers a comprehensive introduction to closed loop control and is ideal for technical staff involved in fluid power motion control. Read more
25.07.2022 Extensometer Calibration Extensometer Calibration - key factors
With an initial calibration point at 10 µm, calibrating extensometers ensures reliable test results. Why? Modulus values and slopes are determined at the initial stage of the test. An extensometer’s low measurement uncertainties are fundamental for reliable test results. How are these ensured?
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19.07.2022 Gas Supply Emergency Plan On March 30, 2022, the Federal Ministry of Economics declared the warning level of the gas (supply) emergency plan and on June 23, 2022, earlier than expected, the alert level followed. On July 11, Nordstream 1 was shut down for maintenance as initially planned. Gas bottlenecks in Fall 2022 and Winter 2022/2023 threaten the German economy, particularly affecting the industry sector. Read more
13.07.2022 Training Course An Introduction to Hydraulics This two-day course covers a comprehensive introduction to hydraulics and hydraulic equipment, including best practices and safe operation. It is suitable for personnel who are completely new to hydraulics, as well as veterans who simply wish to have a refresher.
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20.06.2022 Important Aspects of the Flexure Test Important considerations for successful flexure tests on plastics, with or without transducer:
Flexure tests, also called bending tests, are used to test or compare plastics, including their compounds. Flexure tests provide a reliable test method with a relatively simple test arrangement. They are used to determine the stress-strain behavior of a material in the range of low specimen strain.
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