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26.06.2024 Battery abuse testing How does a battery react when it is suddenly subjected to extreme conditions? Will it remain safe and functional or will it catch fire? How does a battery behave during the charge and discharge cycle? ZwickRoell and Weiss Technik present, for the very first time, a testing machine with an integrated extreme event chamber for safe and reproducible battery abuse tests. Read more
31.05.2024 A Guide to Automation in Metals Testing Automated testing solutions are revolutionizing metal manufacturing, enhancing safety, efficiency, and accuracy to meet the industry's rigorous demands. These innovations are key to increasing testing throughput and embracing digital transformation in a sector where quality and precision are critical. Read more
18.04.2024 North America Testing Forum 2024 Testing Forum in North America 2024. Automate - Accelerate - Elevate your Testing in 2024. Read more
25.03.2024 A Guide to Selecting the Right Hardness Testing Method While most of us tend to love options, a mixed bag can often complicate decision-making processes. In our latest guide, we specify the various factors you should consider to simplify determination of the best hardness testing method for your application. Read more
22.03.2024 SGC business achievement Award ‘Building Bridges and Creating Opportunities’ in business relations between Singapore and Germany was the main topic for the awards. They were initiated to recognize the multifaceted contributions of chamber members towards strengthening bilateral trade relations between Singapore and Germany and reflected on the broader impact on the workforce, the environment, and society. Read more
01.03.2024 Opening of battery testing laboratory With state-of-the-art testing technology, the new ZwickRoell battery testing lab, which was inaugurated on February 28, 2024, offers solutions for a wide variety of mechanical tests on cell components and complete battery cells—both in the areas of research and development, as well as battery production. Read more