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01.06.2023 Mechanical Testing Techniques for Metals The course aims to give a grounding in the range of mechanical properties measured for metals together with descriptions of the test methods used. Read more
24.05.2023 ZwickRoell sole direct sales & service in Taiwan We are happy to announce sole direct sales & service business to the growing customer base in Taiwan through our own branch office with immediate effect from 23.05.2023. Read more
12.05.2023 Consider the high automation potential for your testing lab When addressing the topic of automation, many people think of industrial robots or fully automated handling systems. With intelligent wizard functions or semi-automation, testing processes in the lab can be optimized, users are relieved of monotonous tasks and operating errors can be prevented. At the same time, these functions establish the perfect scenario for a switch to full automation. Read more
01.05.2023 White Paper - 3 Essential Steps for Solving Laboratory Staff Shortages In this whitepaper, we look at some proactive steps enterprises can take to provide optimal quality assurance while economizing on labor and improving operational resilience. Read more
30.04.2023 Efficiency Checklist: Consider the High Automation Potential for Your Testing Lab! The golden rule of every testing lab is to determine reliable material characteristics, while eliminating the many possible influences both from the operator as well as the testing machine itself. In addition, quality control is increasingly becoming subject to cost pressure. Read more
24.04.2023 Four Transformative Trends in Materials Science and Engineering What trends are driving the unprecedented pace of innovation in materials science and engineering? We cover four of the most important in this blog. Read more