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15.03.2021 Vaccine Packaging Following the approval of promising vaccines and the beginning of immunization distribution, there is general hope for relief of the current situation. To transport and administer these vaccines, there is a need for large quantities of primary packaging goods, including syringes and medicine vials. To ensure patient safety, these are subject to strict regulations. Read more
07.12.2020 multiXtens II HP Testing laboratories, development laboratories, and universities—all of them work with constantly changing testing applications and require simple changes between these applications, easy operation and operator-independent, reliable test results. ZwickRoell developed the multiXtens II HP extensometer specifically with these users in mind. Read more
11.09.2020 zhu-zwickiline ZwickRoell invests in new technologies for die instrumented indentation testing. The ZHU/zwickiLine universal testing machine can be used for hardness testing as well as for materials testing, e.g. for tensile tests.
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11.09.2020 ZwickRoell Fatigue Testing Machines for All Applications ZwickRoell's HA and HB servo-hydraulic testing machines provide high-performance systems for fatigue tests on a range of materials and components. The machines are available from 50 to 2,500kN, while their testControl II measurement and control electronics enable them to handle demanding testing situations. Standard-compliant testing is made easy by the range of test programs available. Read more
11.09.2020 Optical extensometers For many testing applications, non-contact measuring extensometers offer advantages over classic, contact-type extensometers. One of their key features is in the name itself: No contact is made with the specimen and due to the optical measurement there is no interaction between the specimen and the measuring instrument.
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11.09.2020 Fatigue Tests on Toggle Chains Dynamically loaded sprocket-chains are used to transmit force and motion, examples include timing chains in motor-vehicle engines, drive chains on motorcycles and transmission uses in machines and plant engineering. In service they are constantly subjected to periodically fluctuating loads and difficult environmental conditions. Read more