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ZwickRoell Safety Features Ensure Operator and Machine Safety While Improving Repeatability of Testing

ZwickRoell’s powerful testXpert III software includes multiple safety features that also contribute to repeatable results, including the System Configuration Builder. The System Configuration Builder function allows the responsible person to create a digital machine configuration and save it. The configuration includes the required load cell, extensometer, grip to grip separation, and soft safety switches. Automatic recognition of sensors can ensure the correct accessories are connected to the electronics prior to a test being run. A specific system configuration can be linked to a predefined test program, thus ensuring the correct set-up when that program is selected and before any tests are run. Additionally, testXpert software comes standard with user management, an option that limits user’s rights depending on skill level and assigned level of access. User management prevents manipulation of test programs and test results.

Soft safety checks included in the software limits crosshead travel. Mechanical, or “hard” stops are found on the crosshead of the machine to prevent collision of test accessories. A software limit may also be set to halt the test at an unexpected high force to prevent an overload on the load cell. All of the safety elements are integrated into the machine’s Emergency Stop circuit which halts the machine’s operation.

ZwickRoell uses quality materials and technology when designing safety doors and enclosures. The sliding safety doors on ZwickRoell machines provide improved protection from specimen breaks compared to the traditional hinged safety doors. Additionally, electric drive system interlocked doors must be closed before a test can proceed and cannot be opened during the test, ensuring the safety of the operator. 

ZwickRoell provides documentation of safety compliance and the availability of risk analysis and assessment over the lifetime of the machine. ZwickRoell machine designs are in accordance with strict European regulations, including the EC Machinery Directive, further ensuring that every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of the operator. The safety features on ZwickRoell machines are tailored to the application and can be adapted or retrofitted for additional testing requirements.

The safety of operator and machine is a critical topic in any materials testing machine acquisition. Materials testing machines may be utilized daily by multiple operators, therefore safety and repeatability are essential design requirements. ZwickRoell is dedicated to keeping safe both the operators and the investment through innovative design features that result in reproducible and repeatable results. Depending on the system and application requirements, safety designs of ZwickRoell Universal Testing Machines include:

  • Safety doors
  • Safety enclosures
  • Safety interlocks
  • Limit switches
  • Two-handed operation
  • Grip-to-grip separation
  • System monitoring
  • User management