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Cubus Testing Software

  • Servohydraulic testing systems (single axis/multi axis/torsion)
Special feature
  • Fatigue strength and durability

The versatile and user friendly software platform

For fatigue and durability tests, the use of servohydraulic testing systems is preferred. The performance of these systems is determined to a large degree by the measurement and control electronics used, together with the associated testing software.

For this purpose, ZwickRoell offers the Cubus testing software. They are ideally suited for new testing systems, for retrofitting existing servo-hydraulic testing systems and for multi-axis applications.<br/> Impressive features of the Cubus software platform include outstanding versatility and an extremely user-friendly operating concept, especially important when faced with frequently changing testing requirements. From configuration of the test bench to routine cyclic tests to advanced applications - there is a Cubus test program to suit them all. QanTiM® iteration software is optionally available for simulation of actual service loads.


Modernization of test portal at TU Berlin

ZwickRoell modernizes test portal at TU Berlin with the Control Cube servo controller and Cubus testing software

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Short training/familiarization time
System configuration
Software packages
Special package for simulations
Basic software modules
Test options and expansion options

Short training/familiarization time

Simple, intuitive and well-structured user interface shortens familiarization times

System configuration

Flexible, modular design allows straightforward system configuration to accommodate testing requirements - whether simple or complex

Software packages

For a wide variety of customer-specific testing situations, you can choose between the Cubuslight basic software and the Cubus testing software.

Special package for simulations

QuanTiM® software package for simulation of actual operating loads

Basic software modules

  • Setup
    configuration of test rig and setup of all control parameters and settings
  • Data
    data acquisition, data display and data export
  • Test
    determination and performance of test

This organized structure allows any function to be found quickly and easily.

Test options and expansion options

For more information on Cubus test options

  • Block programs
  • Dura fatigue tests
  • External tests
  • Cyclic Pro
  • Ramps

and expansion options

  • General functions
  • Measurement value logging and display
  • Control
  • Multi-channel applications
  • Procedures

please take a look at our Product Information document.

Cube and Cubus Product Information

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