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Getting Started is Easy!

The clear, logically structured workflow guides the operator all the way through test preparation, performance and results analysis. testXpert III is a workflow-based software that keeps training time to a minimum.

Quick familiarization with user management

Integrated user management allows you to define different user roles or directly adopt user roles that have been defined in the Windows accounts via LDAP. 

  • testXpert III adapts to user management requirements, providing only those actions relevant to the relevant user role.
  • Users see only what is important to them so they can focus on the task at hand right from the start. 
  • User input options can be reduced to a minimum. This simplifies use and reduces familiarization time and input errors.

The example on the left shows the view optimized for the tester (activated user management with limited machine and test configuration); the example on the right shows an administrator's view with full functionalities.

Straightforward standard-compliant testing

testXpert III offers over 600 Standard Test Programs, enabling you to find the right test program for almost any standard - with standard compliance guaranteed. For tests that go beyond the standard or for the ability to freely configure the test sequence of a tensile, compression, flexure, tear growth, peel, adhesion, or cyclic test, testXpert III offers pre-prepared master test programs.

The open and search dialog box allows you start standard-compliant testing in accordance with your test program with just two clicks. 

  • Quick selection of the required test program via integrated search function
  • Filter according to industry or favorite function to optimize the filing structure
  • Saving all series and exports clearly

Materials testing software testXpert III - Standard test programs for ISO, ASTM and other standards

Over 600 standard test programs are included in testXpert III. See for yourself!

Materials testing software testXpert III - Master Test Programs

In addition to the standard test specifications, there are countless master test programs. Convince yourself!

Diverse testing

testXpert III has more than 100 functions, tailored to the common applications in each industry. Our experts are actively involved in various standards committees to ensure that current developments are incorporated into testXpert III testing software.

  • All parameters, results, and the report are preconfigured to standards.
  • All Standard Test Programs use industry-specific terminology.
  • The user interface with graphics, results tables, tolerance displays, input dialog boxes and layout elements can be customized to your requirements.
  • Technical terminology, typical symbols for each industry, or variables are implemented throughout the testing software.
  • The comprehensive results and statistics tables can be expanded as required.

Higher-level system settings

All system-related settings are grouped logically and are separated from the test related settings. The system related settings are in the sidebar and are adapted to the user management. The administrator can modify all higher-level settings easily from one place here.

  • The comprehensive user management can be set from here.
  • The degree of traceability is configured here.
  • Settings such as language switching or other common system settings can be found here.
  • Dialog boxes and parameters that are needed for multiple test programs can be created and managed centrally with the organizational data.
  • System monitoring enables you to have a status overview of the testing system use.

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testXpert III

Intuitive and workflow-based right from the start
testXpert III is the result of close cooperation with software users in the materials testing industry and the experience of over 40,000 successful testXpert installations. From the very start, testXpert III uses a workflow that is based on your lab processes to guide you step by step through your test. Get to know testXpert III and experience how easy it is to use.
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Getting started is easy!

The clear, logically structured workflow of testXpert III guides the operator all the way through test preparation, performance and results analysis. testXpert III is a workflow-based software that keeps training time to a minimum.
to Getting started is easy!