Earing Test on Metallic Materials (ISO 11531), Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys (DIN EN 1669)

Earing Test for Determination of the Earing Tendency

The test for determination of the earing tendency is a test on metals (ISO 11531) or aluminum/aluminum alloys (DIN EN 1669). The earing test is a test method applied in the metalworking industry and is used for the determination of sheet metal forming properties.

The test is used to determine ear formation through punching followed by deep drawing of sheet metal blanks or strips into cylindrical, hollow formations.

After drawing the cup, the earing tendency is determined. The average height of the ear peaks and valleys is measured, followed by a calculation of the ear height as a percentage. This is why the test is referred to as earing test.

Specimen after earing test; ear peaks and valleys are measured for determination of the earing tendency.