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Quality Reaches Far Beyond Good Products – It’s a Mindset

Quality is often a differentiator between competitive products. But at ZwickRoell, quality is also a mindset that reaches beyond production and manufacturing, impacting all areas of the business. We spoke with Naresh Mysore, Quality Manager at ZwickRoell in North America, about the importance of quality, his role, and the various aspects of quality from a service perspective.

ZR: What does quality mean at ZwickRoell?

NM: Quality is one of the cornerstones of our company. Our machines are of the highest quality when it comes to engineering and manufacturing. And our customers can rely on their testing system to function at the highest level, so they know that their data is accurate, repeatable, reproducible, and traceable. Within the framework of customer service, it means that we consistently adhere to specific standards when we provide services to our customers. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001 and our testing laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025, the international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. ZwickRoell in North America is accredited to A2LA to perform a wide variety of calibration services, which include force, displacement, speed and field alignment, to name only a few.

ZR: As quality manager, what does your roll involve?

NM: In this role I have three main tasks. First, I am responsible for the QA process implemented by our field service engineers. I review all calibration certifications for accuracy and correctness. If a correction is required, we communicate this to the customer. I also maintain A2LA accreditation for our equipment and manage our uncertainty budget, which is an itemized table of components that contribute to the uncertainty in measurement results. Finally, I ensure that our quality processes, software, hardware, and documentation are current and follow ISO 17025 guidelines.

ZR: Why are all of these aspects so important?

NM: Our customers rely on the quality and accuracy of our machines to produce data that they can use to pass or fail their products. All of these tasks and accreditations play a crucial role in ensuring that their system functions at the highest level and provides them with data that is meaningful and reliable.

ZR: Who is a part of the quality team at ZwickRoell in North America?

NM: Everyone who works at ZwickRoell in North America contributes to providing the highest level of quality to our customers. The team reaches far beyond me and my role. For example, when a field service engineer services a machine at a customer site, they must monitor the quality of their own work as well. Quality is a mindset. And we are committed to this mindset every day.

View our A2LA certification, certification to ISO 17025 and certification to ISO 9001