Zero-Span Tensile Test


The zero-span tensile test provides information on the fiber strength of paper and is performed according to TAPPI T 231. A tensile load is applied to a test strip with a grip-to-grip separation approaching zero. This causes most of the load to be applied to the cellulose fibers and less to the total fabric of the paper.
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Zero-Span Tensile Test with ZwickRoell

  • The zero-span tensile test is generally carried out using single-purpose instruments which are correspondingly complex and expensive.
  • For occasional tests it is worth making use of the modular building block system of specimen grips and supplementary devices.
  • The exact position of the two specimen grip units relative to each other must first be set (once only) with reference to angular position and horizontal position. A mechanical add-on kit is available for this.
  • The specimen grips must comply with minimum accuracy requirements, therefore pneumatic grips are needed.
  • The jaws required protrude upwards from the base of the grips, allowing a free length of around 0.1 mm.