Puncture Test/Bursting Strength on Tissues

DIN EN ISO 12625-9

In the puncture test on tissue paper the bursting strength is determined according to DIN EN ISO 12625-9. This test simulates the mechanical penetration of a sheet of tissue paper by a solid object.
Puncture test on tissues DIN EN ISO12625-9

Puncture Test – Determination of Burst Strength with ZwickRoell

  • The test fixture is designed for straightforward testing. The specimen is clamped horizontally between two plates, each of which has a circular aperture in the center.
  • The sheet under test is simply laid on the lower plate and the machine is started.
  • The specimen is automatically clamped and the test proceeds free from operator influence.
  • A polished ball penetrates the center of the specimen at a constant rate.
  • Using a 100 N load cell, even forces below 1 N can be recorded with the required accuracy. This allows reliable results to be obtained in research and development studies, with accurate recording of measured values far outside the usual range of 5 to 20 N.
  • The maximum force (burst force) and the force with reference to the mass per unit area are measured.
  • It is also possible, if relevant, to analyze the force-deformation behavior, as deformation values are in principle also supplied by a testing machine.



Determination of burst strength of tissue products

Burst strength test on tissue paper and products to EN ISO 12625-9, paper industry