Reliable Test Results

To gain a competitive advantage in today’s environment of rapid technological advancement, designers and engineers are routinely pushing the limits of physics in developing new and enhanced materials. At the same time globalization has led to international supply chains and the separation of research from production facilities. Consequently, it is absolutely essential for both quality assurance and R&D that test results be accurate, repeatable, reproducible and traceable – in a word, they must be reliable!
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Reliable test results defined

Whether running highly standardized tests or designing completely custom solutions, we approach each challenge in materials testing with the same motivation – to achieve the most reliable results possible. To do so we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Are the test results truly accurate?
  • Are the results repeatable?
  • Are they reproducible, comparing similar measuring equipment?
  • Is it possible to trace who has done what, when, and how?
  • And finally, does the measurement equipment used fulfill all required regulations and standards?


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Measurements that are precise and true are accurate

  • Precision is the closeness of agreement between individual test results obtained under stipulated conditions. This means: Individual test results which are close to each other are precise, while individual test results which are not close to each other are not precise.
  • Trueness describes the closeness of agreement between the average of individual test results and a reference value. This means: The result is true, when the average value of individual test results is close to the reference value. And not true, when there is a high difference between average value and reference value.

Individual test results which are close to each other and in average are close to the reference value, are accurate.


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Repeatability is precision under repeat conditions

  • The same measurement procedure
  • The same operator
  • The same measuring equipment
  • The same location
  • And the same test conditions
  • The repetition of measurements within short intervals of time is the only variable factor


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Reproducible is precision under reproducible conditions

  • The same measurement procedure
  • Similar measuring equipment
  • Generally at different locations
  • With multiple operators
  • Under varying test conditions
  • As well as performing measurements over lengthy periods of time


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Traceable refers to the full and complete documentation of a measurement result

  • How the test result was determined
  • Under which conditions
  • When was it determined
  • Where was the measurement performed
  • And by whom

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Reliable Test Results

Reliable test results are a fundamental and hot topic in materials testing.

ZwickRoell’s commitment to reliability

When our customers purchase a ZwickRoell machine, they get not only a testing machine of highest quality, but also a partner with over 160 years of experience in materials and component testing. Our goal of providing customers with the most reliable test results is a mindset deeply ingrained in all facets of our business. It is what motivates our daily pursuit of:

  • High quality “Made by ZwickRoell”
  • Intuitive software with integrated standards and testing procedures
  • Prompt and competent worldwide support for calibration, customizing and maintenance
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