Cubus Testing Software

For fatigue and durability tests, the use of servohydraulic testing systems is preferred. The performance of these systems is determined to a large degree by the measurement and control electronics used, together with the associated testing software. ZwickRoell offers the Cubus testing software to run with the Control Cube servo controller. The Cubus software platform is particularly applicable for frequently changing test requirements due to it’s high versatility and extremely user-friendly operating concept. Corresponding test programs are available from configuration of the test stand, to simple cyclic tests, all the way to advanced applications.

Cubus Testing Software

Basic software

The basic software CubusLight and its autotune function
  • Cubus testing software is arranged in three modules.
  • Setup
    configuration of test bench and set-up of all control parameters and settings
  • Data
    data acquisition, data display and data export
  • Test
    determination and performance of tests

This organized structure simplifies rapid location of all functions.

Test options

Block programs

  • graphical editor for test sequence
  • easy insertion of different block elements into test sequence
  • elements: cyclic, ramps, hold stages, data acquisition, digital I/Os, procedures etc.
  • sub-sequences allow nested and user-specific repeats
  • test position within the sequence can be moved

Dura fatigue tests

  • playback of pre-defined elapsed-time drive files
  • linking multiple drive files together in a test sequence
  • trend monitor.

External tests

  • external control without using the controller’s own function generator
  • command source can be either an external analog drive or PC-controlled drive.

Cyclic Pro

  • specimen management
  • data acquisition
  • peak-value acquisition
  • break detection
  • test-quality monitoring with tolerance bands
  • strain control for LCF
  • inspection interval
  • test parameters, e.g. frequency, amplitude, mean value, can be changed while test is running
  • adaptive peak-value control
  • mixed mode, e.g. displacement-controlled after force peaks
  • graphical failure envelope with limit monitoring
  • signal waveforms: sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, sawtooth


  • graphical editor for test sequence
  • easy insertion of elements into test sequence
  • ideal for structure tests
  • break detection at force drop
  • elements for extended ramp functions, dwell phases, data acquisition etc.

Customized tests

  • Cubus' plug-in architecture allows development and integration of individual tests
  • examples include seat-belt anchorage test and side intrusion test

Expansion options

General functions

  • event recording
  • virtual channels
  • password protection / user management
  • transducer linearization
  • external analog set-value specification
  • external monitor outputs, e.g. force, displacement
  • Language Swap

Measured value acquisition and display

  • X-Y graph
  • data export / data display
  • time sequence
  • user-configurable digital displays: real time, max, min, amplitude, mean value, peak, trough, cycle counter
  • peak-value acquisition


  • PID auto-tune
  • adaptive, integrated PID control
  • compensation, cascade control

Multi-channel applications

  • hydraulic grouping
  • global and local gain factor
  • automatic synchronized master/slave operation


  • action to be performed in response to defined events
  • editor for procedures
  • event-action matrix