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Tensile tests at 3,000kN - ZwickRoell modernizes testing machine for steel wire ropes at Redaelli

At its factory in Gardone val Trompia, Italy, Radaelli produces steel wire ropes for a wide range of uses. These include offshore applications, construction machinery, ropeways and cableways and bridge-building. The growing demand for wire ropes with ever-higher load capacity is also placing an increasing burden on quality assurance. After modernization by ZwickRoell the testing machine can now perform tensile tests up to 3,000kN.

Previously Redaelli could only carry out tests up to 1,200kN on-site; tests up to 3,000kN always had to be entrusted to an external testing laboratory. In view of the increasing number of tests in a force range > 1,000kN, the company decided to expand its laboratory capacity.

Following acquisition of a pre-owned horizontal testing machine with a nominal load capacity of 2,500kN, Redaelli looked for a company to equip and modernize the machine. The attractive package offered by ZwickRoell proved decisive. ZwickRoell specialists extended the force range of the load frame to 3,000kN, while also carrying out maintenance work and repairs to the testing actuator. Modernization also included renewal of the control system with testControl measurement and control electronics plus testXpert II testing software, as well as replacement of the hydraulic power-pack.

Following a detailed risk analysis by ZwickRoell, a suitable safety package including a safety guard was incorporated into the machine, enabling it to satisfy the requirements of the current Machinery Directive and allowing the system to receive the CE mark.

Using wedge-grips specially developed by ZwickRoell, Redaelli can now perform tensile tests up to 3,000kN in accordance with EN 12385-1:2004 and ISO 2408. At Redaelli, components close to the end product (conical or cylindrical castings in special resin) are located at the ends of the specimens. Grip inserts to suit the individual end-pieces are available to ensure optimum preparation and testing. To complete the package, a cross-section measuring-device in line with the particular requirements of steel wire rope testing was designed and supplied by ZwickRoell.