Running as a Virtual Team Supports Charities Around the World

At a time when so many are in need, ZwickRoell is running as a virtual team to donate €50,000 to charities all around the world. This year marks the 4th annual ZwickRoell Runs the World challenge and the goal is 100,000 km in 60 days. So far, the team consists of over 750 ZwickRoell customers, partners, and employees from 34 countries and is getting bigger each day with registration still open.

But why should you run, walk, or hike?

The answer is simple. Every kilometer, every mile brings us one step closer to helping people in need. Last year, over 600 employees and customers ran 83,000 km in 60 days. In return, the company donated €40,000 to a total of 11 charitable organizations and initiatives around the world. This year the goal is higher, but the donation will be bigger. A win-win all around.

Who are these charities and organizations?

They are groups from all over the world who dedicate time and compassion to others. And they are groups with a personal connection to ZwickRoell customers and employees. The recipients of last year’s donation were all charities in which members of the ZwickRoell family are involved.


Recipients of Donations from the 2019 ZwickRoell Runs the World Charity Run

EJW-Weltdienst supports orphans and families in need in Ethiopia.

Hardcore Help Foundation works to promote healthcare, education, disability, and disaster relief projects in several countries.

A donation was made to families who lost their homes in the fire in Blaubeuren-Gerhausen, Germany (near ZwickRoell headquarters).

VIU-LA Associació (ES) aids families in Spain with children challenged by disabilities by organizing activities and support.

Al-Birru Widows and Orphans Foundation provides assistance to widows and orphans in the form of food and shelter in Nigeria.

Round Table 45 Salzburg is an initiative that provides emergency support to families in Austria.

Missionaries of the Poor is a group of 150 missionaries that build homes and other facilities in Jamaica for those in need.

Engineers without Borders provides support with water, energy and sanitary infrastructures locally to improve the living conditions of underserved communities.

Czech Republic Borelioza supports the research and treatment of Lyme disease.

Genitori si Diventa (ITA) is an organization in Italy that assists people wanting to adopt.

Auburn University Rural Studio builds sustainable, well-designed affordable homes for underserved rural communities in the United States.

How can you help?

Even in this time of social distancing, you can still help the global community. Join us by registering to participate in ZwickRoell Runs the World and make a difference in the lives of others. Participating is easy! Check out our FAQs and register!