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Tensile Tests on Condoms

Purpose of the test

zwickiLine table-top testing machines are ideal for determining the tear strength and strain at tear of condoms.

  • The required force measurement range as specified in the standard lies between 0 and 200 N, and the load cell suitable for this has a nominal force of 200 N (measuring range from 2 N in Class 1 to DIN EN 10002-2).
  • The crosshead speed is a constant 500±50 mm/min. 
  • Flanged rollers, arranged horizontally and mounted at one end only, 

are used to hold the specimens. One of these rollers is driven via a toothed belt proportionally to the crosshead movement, loading the condom specimen uniformly over its entire circumference. If the rollers were fixed or not driven, frictional forces would act in addition to the tensile force and the specimen could be unacceptably loaded and predamaged.

A thickness measuring device can be connected via the serial port of the PC so that these measured values are automatically input into the test as well. 

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