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ZwickRoell develops compression testing system for large packaging containers

ZwickRoell has developed a special compression testing system for a customer to enable the stackability of boxes and cratesand packaging containers to be tested. The system allows compression tests to be performed on containers and crates up to 1.50 meters wide/deep and up to 2.00 meters high.

The compression testing system is based around a ZwickRoell materials testing machine, Fmax 250 kN. The machine has been extended by 1000 mm and widened by 1000 mm. Special compression platens (1600mm x 1600 mm) feature spherical mountings, ensuring central load applicationeven in the event of deformation of the containers. The spherical mounting can also be fixed rigidly if required.

The testing system is equipped with a special video extensometer which records time-synchronous videos during the test. Videos synchronized exactly with the test and integrated in testXpertII, plus measurement of individual images, enable visual analysis of specimen behavior parallel to the test sequence.

The testing system can be used for tests on packaging and packaging containers made of plastic, composites or wood.