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ZwickRoell Science Award Presentation on ZwickRoell Academia Day in Shanghai

On June 14, 2019, the winners of the 2018 ZwickRoell Science Award were recognized at the 10th annual ZwickRoell Academia Day held at the Tongji University (CHN). The event, which takes place at a different international university or institution every year, provides an important platform for the intensive exchange between science and industry on the subject of intelligent materials testing.

The Tongji University in Shanghai is particularly recognized in the disciplines of engineering, economics, and architecture. It is under direct administration of the Chinese Ministry of Education and belongs to the 33 universities listed under Project 985, which promotes the development of world-class institutions.

Winners of the 2018 ZwickRoell Science Award

This year, first place went to Daniel Barba from the University of Oxford for his work on the ultrafast valuation of high-temperature creep properties of miniaturized metal specimen. Simon Vitzthum from the Technical University of Munich took second place for his publication on the temperature-based determination of the onset of yielding using a new clip-on extensometer for tensile tests. Third place was presented to two participants, Y.J. Zhao from the Zhejiang University for her method of in-situ voltage impedance monitoring in magnetic fields and Tom Petit from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) for his publication on the impact of machine stiffness on pop-in crack propagation instabilities. The 8,000 € prize is awarded for the particularly innovative use of a materials testing machine in research and science.