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4 Tips: How to Extend the Service Life of Your Testing Machine

A testing machine that lasts a lifetime. Something any material tester or laboratory manager hopes for. When you invest in a testing machine, you think longterm. Ideally a machine lasts forever. However, many different factors affect the service life of a testing machine. This includes:

  • The number of tests performed
  • The material to be tested
  • Remaining service life
  • Environmental conditions
  • External factors, such as the availability of components

All of these factors directly or indirectly influence the durability and service life of your testing system and its components. With a few simple tricks you can extend the service life of your testing machine for many years.

Tip 1: 10 years guaranteed spare parts availability - double the benefits

The service life of your machine begins with commissioning. Within the machine life cycle, there are various factors that affect its longevity.  For one, every system contains components that age over time. To ensure smooth operation, it is important to replace wear parts regularly. Only by ensuring replacement of these parts, are you not only increasing the service life but also the safety of your system and therefore maximizing the potential of your testing machine.

On the other hand, there are situations in which regardless of wear parts, a replacement is necessary. But this does not mean that the entire testing system has to be replaced. In this case, we turn to spare parts. These are a great option when it comes to extending the life cycle of the machine. Spare parts not only ensure higher quality and reliability of the system, but they also extend warranties. At ZwickRoell, for example, we offer a 10-year spare parts supply. And when possible, we try to extend this promise beyond 10 years. With proper care and the right spare parts, you can significantly increase the service life of your testing machine.

Tip 2: implement updates and upgrades

External factors can always affect the service life of a materials testing machine. For example, end-of-support for the operating system. This can sometimes lead to increased security and compatibility issues and longer downtimes. But there is a simple and easy solution: updates. Only by regularly updating you software versions, can you minimize the risk of downtimes and maintain a state of the art technological status.

Additionally, upgrades further increase flexibility for future technical developments. These are available for both your software programs and hardware. Software upgrades not only involve moving up to the next version, they are a switch to the latest generation of software. That is, an upgrade to testXpert III. This step, of course, also involves a number of additional benefits including the use of new test programs, the latest software technology and new testing possibilities.

Hardware can also be upgraded. Here too, there are external factors that we ourselves cannot control or influence. On the one hand, it may based on the availability of materials on the market, which has significantly worsened in the last few years, especially when it comes to electronic assemblies. In addition, due to technical innovations, older components may no longer be available as development and production is designed to incorporate the latest technology. In order to counteract these factors, it makes sense to upgrade the measurement and control electronics hardware, and we definitely advise it. The motor and drive are retained and new powerful machine electronics are integrated. Since we use the latest electronics that are also installed in new machines, limited material availability no longer plays a role. Furthermore, a hardware upgrade also extends spare parts availability for another 10 years.

Our tip: don’t let external circumstances slow you down—invest in the future of your testing machine.

With a few simple tricks you can quickly and efficiently extend the service life of your materials testing machine.

Tip 3: retrofit your machine and meet every test requirement – today and tomorrow

Have your test requirements changed? Are you being challenged with a new standard or test type? There is no reason to by a new testing system.

All ZwickRoell testing machines are based on a modular connection concept with standardized interfaces. The modular design allows us to quickly and conveniently retrofit accessories on existing machines as needed. Regardless of whether you need new specimen grips, jaw inserts, test tools, extensometers, temperature or environmental chambers, load cells, electronics accessories or safety devices—every ZwickRoell accessory can be subsequently integrated in an existing testing system. This saves you both money and time and requires minimal effort.

Tip 4: hardware and software modernization: always up-to-date on the latest technology

The best alternative to extend the lifetime of your testing machine—for many years—is through modernization. A modernization consolidates all of the previously mentioned tips: an overhaul of the load frame, replacement of the measurement and control electronics, replacement of the drive technology and a software upgrade. And best of all: a modernized testing machine is in no way inferior to a new machine. Another advantage: you can continue using the accessories you currently have.

A modernization not only extends the service life of the machine, it also significantly contributes to the protection of our environment: a modernization reduces CO2 emissions. The load frame is made of steel or aluminum. If necessary, it is reconditioned and can then continue to be used. All other elements are technically upgraded so that your modernized machine is equivalent to a new machine.

A modernization not only significantly extends the lifetime of your testing machine, it also prepares you for any circumstance and requirement that may arise in the future—regardless of the situation. Don't wait any longer. Invest in the modernization of your machine!

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