Femoral Head Torsion Test to ISO 7206-9 and ISO 7206-13

Torsion test on artificial hip joints

Femoral Head Torsion Test to ISO 7206-9 and ISO 7206-13 

Artificial hip joints must withstand both compressive loads and torsion loads. To determine optimal materials and alloys, these are tested with a special testing machine.

The testing system consists of a 20 kN nominal force materials testing machine and a 500 Nm torsion drive.

The artificial hip joint (here made of metal) is rotated on a support unit (torsion loading) with simultaneous compression loading. This tests materials and alloys best suited for artificial hip joints.

  • Characterization of the resistance of a hip joint head to torques in normal in-vivo application
  • Supports the opportunity to develop a better anchor between the two components
  • Application of a static compression preload; the transverse torque then increases until the head turns
  • Static biaxial testing machine (20 kN) with 500 Nm torque motor