AllroundLine – Individual and Versatile

The ideal system for individual testing situations and all applications AllroundLine can be used for applications from all areas. A proven operating concept combined with flexible, modular load-frame design makes the AllroundLine an optimum solution for demanding testing applications, whether for quality control or for research projects. Development and manufacture of AllroundLine, including all mechanical, electronic, and software components—together with the comprehensive range of accessories—takes place at ZwickRoell's production facility in Germany, so all components work together seamlessly.
AllroundLine series

Key Advantages and Features

Integrated safety in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive

The statutory safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive are implemented in all ZwickRoell machines, while an EC Declaration of Conformity accompanies every machine. The most state-of-the-art safety technology and proven industrial components that comply with the highest safety and industrial standards (IEC 60947 etc.) are used. The highest degree of safety for user and testing system is guaranteed.

Powerful AC Drive Technology

The powerful and maintenance-free AC drive allows you to perform tests anytime at full test load and speed. Furthermore, reverse speeds far above the possible nominal speed. This is combined with an innovative motor feedback system, allowing excellent constant speed characteristics to be achieved even at extremely low speeds.

Two Test Areas

Flexible test arrangements mean that fixture changes are not necessary. The test results are reproducible and a second testing machine is not required. Testing two applications is possible from the start. Only one load cell is required for the entire testing system.

Extremely Operator Friendly

  • Ergonomics are top priority when it comes to operating the new AllroundLine machine.
  • The machine is adjustable for optimum ergonomic configuration; modular design allows adaptation as and when required.
  • Adjustable crossheads allow test area configuration to be varied.
  • The base features leveling damping units and clear space for a lift-trolley, allowing easy adaptation to suit the installation site (applies to AllroundLine floor-standing machines).
  • Adjustable upright profiles combined with low base-height enable flexible variation of the working area. This also allows wheelchair-friendly operation (applies to AllroundLine table top testing machines).

High stiffness and precise crosshead guidance

The stiff load-frame profile, generous connecting surfaces and ruggedly dimensioned components ensure high machine stiffness. The inclination angle of the crosshead under load is reduced, enabling very precise alignment and application of force to the specimen. This is advantageous for flexure tests, compression tests, precision tests on components etc.

Modern load-frame design

AllroundLine is equipped with a patented, flexurally stiff hollow profile with guide-cylinder. Long guides with generous surface areas ensure high-precision crosshead guidance. This combination minimizes undesired mechanical influences on the specimen. T-slots incorporated into the profile provide flexible mounting options.

Ready for the Next Generation

Modular design means that the testing system can be re-equipped or upgraded whenever required. Moreover, testControl II machine electronics are compatible with future-generation ZwickRoell software. Even after a product has been discontinued, spare parts continue to be available for a minimum of 10 years.

Mechanical Modularity

Mechanical modularity enables the testing system to be expanded by the wide range of ZwickRoell test fixtures and specimen grips or with customized devices. This is where the highly adaptable, play-free plug and T-slot system comes into its own, backed by a wide variety of crosshead mount options. Specimen grips and test tools can be changed whenever required, enabling a wide range of tests to be performed with the same testing machine and allowing rapid, highly flexible adaptation to the current testing situation.

Exclusively at ZwickRoell: Xforce Load Cells

Patented Xforce load cells are developed and manufactured by ZwickRoell, and offer outstanding accuracy and high resistance to parasitic influences. Parasitic influences such as temperature and transverse forces have significantly less impact on test results than other comparable sensors. Xforce load cells are also very robust and more resistant to factors such as transverse forces during compression and flexure tests.

Application description

Floor-standing testing machine

The load frame of an AllroundLine floor-standing testing machine is particularly ideal for testing with high forces, for materials with high strains (for example, rubber), and if large temperature conditioning devices/climatic chambers should be installed, or to test very large components. The testing system can accommodate one or two test areas.

Table top testing machine

The load frames for the AllroundLine table top testing machines are used for almost all types of tests in which low to medium degrees of specimen strain occurs. In addition, small temperature conditioning devices can be mounted. One or two test areas are possible.


AllroundLine Testing Machine with Side Test Area

AllroundLine in Action

Testing with maximum safety - AllroundLine with safety device

CE-compliant safety device developed according to the new international norms EN14119 and EN14120.

Technical Overview


  • AllroundLine is available with test speeds from 0.00005 to 3000 mm/min, depending on type. Testing machine speed is independent of test load.
  • The high test-speed range can be used without restriction. In addition, test loads up to 110% of machine nominal load are permissible to compensate for heavy combinations of test fixtures, accessories etc.
  • AllroundLine is available for test loads up to 250 kN and with test-area heights from 1030 mm to 2560 mm.
  • AllroundLine can be operated with standard commercial PCs or laptops and requires no special expansion cards.

Table top testing machine

The AllroundLine testing systems include table top and floor-standing testing machines.


Test load, max. (Fmax)

Test area (H x W)

Driving power

Power consumption (full load), approx.

Item no.

Z005 TN



Z005 TNW



Z005 TH



Z005 THW




Z005 TE



Z010 TN



Z010 TNW



Z010 TH



Z010 THW



Z010 TE



Z010 TEW



Z020 TN



Z020 TNW






Z020 THW



Z020 TE


Z020 TEW



Z030 TH



Z030 THW


Z030 TE


Z030 TEW





Z050 THW




Z050 TE




Z050 TEW



Z100 THW



Z100 TEW



Z150 TL




  1. Support legs are included in the delivery scope of this testing system.
  1. Support legs are included in the delivery of this testing system.

Floor-standing testing machine

The AllroundLine testing systems include table top and floor-standing testing machines.


Test load, max. (Fmax)

Crosshead speed vmin ... vmax

Maximum crosshead return speed

Driving power

Power consumption (full load), approx.

Item no.


Z100 SW


Z100 SH




Z150 SN



Z150 SW

150 (100)[2]



Z250 SN


Z250 SW


Z250 SR



Z250 SH




Z250 SE



Z250 SNS


  1. These testing systems must be screwed to the floor using the supplied fixing screws.
  1. The second value indicates the limited test load for tests in the additional lateral test axes.
testXpert III

testXpert III Testing Software

Powerful, Innovative testControl II Electronics

Innovative testControl II Machine Electronics

All of ZwickRoell's materials testing machines are equipped with the powerful testControl II measurement and control electronics, offering the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results.

  • The electronics are installed vertically on the load frame to prevent liquids and from entering the unit and contact with conductive particles.
  • The high-quality finish protects testControl II from external influences. The components used are highly durable.

testControl II Machine Electronics & testXpert III Testing Software Make a Great Team

testXpert III testing software and testControl II machine electronics are perfectly matched, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the materials testing machine. testXpert III provides the optimum solution for any testing requirement.

Flexibility Through Modularity

testControl II has six flexible time-synchronized slots, allowing multiple sensors to be used simultaneously and monitored and safeguarded regardless of use.

  • As an example, an extensometer and a transverse strain extensometer can be used in addition to the load cell.
  • If the testing system is equipped with several load cells or additional sensors, these can all remain plugged in. All sensors which are plugged in will then automatically be protected against overloads.

High Data Transmission Rate

Synchronous 500 Hz measured-value acquisition-rate delivers fast measurement with maximum reproducibility (regardless of number of measurement channels). The measured-value acquisition-rate can optionally be increased to 2000 Hz. The high data transmission rate enables fast measurement with maximum reproducibility. This is highly advantageous for high-speed tests, short brittle-fracture events and in tear-growth, adhesion and peel tests.

System Monitoring

testControl II system monitoring provides the user/laboratory manager with detailed information on the current status and level of utilization of the testing equipment. This enables further increases in testing equipment availability and greatly simplifies maintenance planning and spares/replacement procurement.

Fast, Adaptive Drive Controller

The high drive control frequency of 1000 Hz delivers fast, precise force and strain control. Benefits include enabling components to be loaded very quickly and accurately with a predetermined force.

Maximum Accuracy

High (24-bit) resolution and A/D converter with 400 kHz sampling rate for maximum measured-value accuracy combined with large measurement range. As an example, even the smallest force changes on the specimen can still be recorded and displayed accurately.

Innovative Interfaces

The innovative EtherCat® interface is incorporated as standard. The time-synchronized real-time Ethernet field bus system ensures future-proof integration of sensors and power units.

Eco Mode

testControl II electronics switch automatically to eco-mode when not in use, saving energy.

Ergonomic Remote Control with Display

Tests can be performed entirely via the remote control, independent of the PC. All important information is shown on the display. Machine operation is therefore more ergonomic and effective. The rocker-switch with integrated dial makes positioning fast yet highly accurate.

A Standard Made in Germany

We manufacture products with maximum care and precision and supply state-of-the-art solutions for research and development to customers from every sector and industry. Our testing machines embody the proverbial quality of "Made in Germany." All of our testing systems comply with the current EC Machinery Directive.

Experience this yourself at our annual exhibition, testXpo, in Ulm.

Dr. Jan Stefan Roell
testXpo tent
  • Made in Germany
  • Safety for the entire testing system
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Flexible and ready for the next generation of technology

Testing additive manufactured structures for the aerospace industry at -269°C

Additive manufacturing methods such as laser melting afford a great amount of design freedom and therefore offer huge potential for weight minimization. Due to the small quantities typical in aerospace this type of manufacturing method can also be implemented cost-effectively. KRP Mechatec relies on a testing machine from ZwickRoell for testing additive manufactured aluminum and titanium structures at low temperatures down to -269°C .
compression test kit