Materials Research Must Cover a Large Range of Applications

  • For occasional tests, as performed in goods inwards checks, for example, ZwickRoell has very simple, cost-effective testing equipment.
  • Production and quality control require robust and reliable test equipment that can be configured exactly to the test task at hand and will then fulfill this task in full compliance with the standards and with a high level of repeatability day after day, year after year.
  • Our various specimen holders and sensors are mounted in a systematic and modular way, allowing our testing machines to be retrofitted easily for new testing methods—even after many years.

Flexible and Simple Integration of Accessories for All Materials Testing Machines

At ZwickRoell, quality and reliability means understanding our customer's requirements. And we understand these needs by offering well-designed machines, reliable test results, and a high quality standard that applies to not only our materials testing machines, but also our accessories.

A Standard Made in Germany

We manufacture products with maximum care and precision and supply state-of-the-art solutions for research and development to customers from every sector and industry. Our testing machines embody the proverbial quality of Made in Germany. All testing systems comply with the EC Machinery Directive.

Experience this yourself at our annual exhibition, testXpo, in Ulm.

Dr. Jan Stefan Roell
testXpo tent
  • Made in Germany
  • Safety for the entire testing system
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Flexible and ready for the next generation of technology