ZHV10 hardness tester

A tradition of progress

The Zwick/ZHV 10 has a proven track record, especially in determining Vickers hardness, and is available in two versions. With the analog instrument the hardness value is evaluated using hardness tables, while the PC version uses testXpert testing software.
ZHV10 Vickers hardness tester


  • The ZwickRoell ZHV10 Vickers hardness testing machine has a proven track record, particularly for determining the following values:
  • Vickers hardness
  • Knoop hardness
  • Brinell hardness
  • case hardening, hardness penetration and nitriding depth.
  • Ritz hardness (analog version)

Technical Overview

Instrument versions

The ZHV10's various load stages (HV0,2; HV0,3; HV0,5; HV 1; HV 2; HV3; HV5 and HV10) are attained by the use of multiple load-weights (200g basic weight; can be upgraded with 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 2 x 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg). The Optics unit with up to 5 interchangeable lenses for different magnifications and image ranges is available for both versions.

  • With the analog version (Item No. 311814) the hardness value is evaluated using hardness tables.
  • The PC version (Item No. 353439) uses testXpert testing software "hardness edition". As well as being simple to operate, testXpert adapts to varying test conditions with great flexibility. The indentation is measured on-screen via manual or automatic application of the measuring lines and is evaluated automatically. A Master test program for series measurement for Vickers, Knoop and Brinell hardness testing is available and can be expanded to include hardness traverse tests and automatic indentation measurement. A wide range of accessories is available, in addition to manual and digital X-Y tables.

Technical data for basic instruments

Basic instrument

Item No.




Hardness tester to Vickers, analog, for manual evaluation

Vickers hardness testing machine, PC version

Load stages

HV 0.2 ... HV 10

HV 0.2 to HV 10

Load changes



Included in delivery:

  • LED illumination
  • LED illumination
  • GigE camera, high-resolution, 1.4 megapixels
  • Software licenses


  • Indenter (see below)
  • Objective (see below)
  • indenter (see below)
  • lenses (see below)
  • graphics card for optical hardness test method (075270)[1]
  • testXpert II testing software
  • PC and monitor
  1. Compatibility of the PC card is guaranteed only in conjunction with PCs from ZwickRoell's range with Windows 10. In the case of use of customer's own PC, this must be sent to ZwickRoell in the event of an order.

Accessories for ZHV10 Vickers Hardness Tester



Interchangeable lenses for various magnifications and image areas are available for both versions.

Choose from magnifications between 2x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 60x, according to the range of application.

X-Y tables and supports

Digital X-Y table for hardness tester

Various X-Y table versions are available:

  • With manual micrometers
  • With digital micrometers for transmission of measuring positions to testXpert

Various prisms and clamping devices are optionally available, together with a parallel vise for securing specimens.

Extended range of application

Supplementary weights


Item number

Device for tests in the micro range (test force levels: 0.294/0.49/0.98/1.47 N)
only for ZwickRoell ZHV10, analog version (311814)

When used with the ZHV10 PC version, please note that
standard-compliant indentation measurement via a computer screen requires an indentation size of at least 1/3 of the overall screen size to achieve the necessary accuracy. This is not always possible for measurements in the Vickers range.


Device for tests in the macro range (test force levels: 196/294 N)