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Autoinjector Spring Simulation

Simulation and characterization of spring forces and syringe glide forces

Spring forces have a significant influence on the success of injections using an autoinjector. They must therefore be measured accurately and the syringe systems used must be subjected to different spring loads. This can be done using force-controlled simulation of a spring curve in a ZwickRoell materials testing machine.

These tests can be used at an early stage in the development of an autoinjector and in prospective aging tests.

Why is autoinjector spring simulation important?

  • With the simulation of spring forces, the costly use of real springs during development of autoinjectors can be eliminated, and development efforts can be reduced.
  • The functional capability of spring loaded autoinjectors, even with changes in viscosity during storage, can already be tested in the development phase. This ensures product safety and helps avoid possible recalls due to incomplete injections.
  • Through the simulation of autoinjector spring characteristics, development costs can be reduced.

Autoinjector spring simulation with ZwickRoell

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