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Drift-expanding test to ISO 8493, DIN 50135, ASTM A370

Compression test on metal tubes

In the drift expanding test, the inner diameter of a tube is plastically expanded. The test is described in materials testing in the standards ISO 8493 and ISO 50135.

In the drift-expanding test, a conical mandrel is pressed into a tube specimen via materials testing machine according to the tube’s inner diameter and the tube is expanded. The test is ended when the value of the expansion defined in the specifications has been reached. The test is considered passed if no cracks are detected in the tube or at the welded seam after the test.

The drift-expanding test is normally performed on tubes having an outside diameter of 150 mm and a wall thickness no greater than 10 mm. For tubes without a detectable welded seam, the drift-expanding test is used as a replacement for the tube-flattening test.

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