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Tube-flattening test to ISO 8492, DIN 50136, ASTM A370, API 5 L

Compression test on metal tubes

The tube-flattening test according to ISO 8492, DIN 50136 and ASTM A370 is a test method used in materials testing for evaluating the ductility of weld seams as well as for detecting defective weld seams on metal tubes. The tube-flattening test is assigned to the compression test category.

For the tube-flattening test, a ring is taken from a tube. The ring is compressed to a defined distance between two compression platens using a testing machine. The position of the weld seam is alternately at a 90° angle or parallel to the compression platens so that the weld seam is subjected to tensile load once on the inside of the tube and once on the outside of the tube.

Cracks on the inner or outer surface of the tube ring indicate defects in the material or the weld seam. Additional test results such as the force curve or displacement curve can be evaluated using the testXpert testing software.

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