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DuraScan 50/70/80 G5

Fully automatic Vickers universal laboratory hardness tester Download
Test methods
  • Vickers
  • Knoop
  • Brinell
Test load
  • 0.00025 ... 62.5 kg (0.00245 ... 612.9 N)
  • Fully automatic (DS50 G5)
  • Fully automatic & overview camera (DS70 G5)
  • Fully automatic & overview camera & linear slide (DS80 G5)
  • ISO 6506
  • ISO 6507
  • ISO 4545
  • ASTM E384
  • ASTM E92
  • ASTM E10

The fully automatic Vickers hardness tester for your laboratory

The DuraScan G5 series with which all Vickers, Knoop and Brinell test tasks can be carried out in a load range between 0.25 g and 62.5 kg features a high level of efficiency, flexibility and process reliability. The fully automatic DuraScan 50 G5 / 70 G5 / 80 G5 models are ideal for complex and wide ranging test tasks. The entire test sequence, from setting the indent to displaying the hardness value is always fully automated, eliminating operator influence to the greatest possible extent.

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

Intuitive ecos Workflow Pro operating software
Innovation in image evaluation
Operating the hardness tester


The groundbreaking standard load range of the DuraScan G5 from 10 g to 62.5 kg significantly expands the application range of the hardness tester. It can optionally be extended to a range from 0.25 g to 62.5 kg, subsequently at any time! The force is continuously and precisely monitored electronically using a series of electronic force measuring sensors. This ensures that, in addition to Vickers and Knoop, Brinell tests can also be performed in accordance with the standards.

With the new patented rapid traverse for the height adjustment, the height of the test unit can be adjusted at 10x speed, saving valuable time when adjusting to different specimen heights. The scanning function ensures automatic positioning of the test unit to the perfect working distance—the camera image is immediately focused, providing the highest level of efficiency in the lab.

Intuitive ecos Workflow Pro operating software

ecos Workflow Pro provides an efficient, intelligent solution for all conventional hardness testing tasks. The user is guided step-by-step through the measuring process all the way to data backup. The intuitive user interface shortens familiarization time and reduces operating errors.

From simple single measurements and curve measurements to data storage and reporting, everything is possible with ecos Workflow Pro—minimum effort guaranteed!

Innovation in image evaluation

The 10 Mpix camera used in all devices of the DuraScan G5 series sets new standards in image quality. Intelligent use of the high-resolution camera chip allows a 4x zoom without compromising quality. This innovative solution covers a wide range of applications very a small number of lenses. In order to maximize this potential, the DuraScan G5 only uses lenses that offer maximum optical resolution, reducing investment and setup costs. The proven fully automatic evaluation process reliably regulates the brightness of the image and automatically evaluates the indentation.

With the 18 Mpix color overview camera with active LED coaxial lighting for the DuraScan 70 G5 and 80 G5, working and evaluating is even easier. The high-resolution, color reproduction facilitates orientation on the specimen and increases the image quality significantly. Active coaxial lighting ensures uniform illumination and reduces the influence of ambient lighting. This is a particular benefit for work areas with difficult lighting conditions. The visibility of progressions on etched components is also improved.

Operating the hardness tester

The DuraScan 50 G5/ 70 G5 / 80 G5 are controlled via an external PC. The fully automatic DuraScan G5 is operated via a monitor using a keyboard and mouse as input devices.

The patented arrangement of the Z-axis as well as the Y-axis at the test head allows for a large test space and compact dimensions of the machine. In addition, this design leads to optimal ergonomics for the user, which is achieved through the constant working height.

The DuraScan 80 G5 version has a significantly larger test area. With the 300 mm travel distance of its X-axis, up to 12 specimens in two specimen grips can be positioned and processed at the same time.

The proven overview camera ensures the perfect overview, regardless of how complicated the test procedure or the number of test points and test rows. When using the live image mode and for creating high-resolution overview images, a second screen enables both picutres to be viewed simultaneously.

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