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Metal Specimen Preparation

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Good testing starts with a good specimen.

Nowadays specimens from steel sheet and metal foils are produced economically and accurately by punching. Standards such as ISO 6892, ASTM A370 etc. stipulate that test results must not be influenced by any material change caused by work-hardening in the specimen edge zone.

Numerous structural examinations of steel sheet have shown that the work-hardened zone along the cutting line is generally a maximum of 10% of specimen thickness. This is achieved by a low cutting-speed and special blanking-tool design and offers substantial economic advantages in the event of subsequent grinding. In this way high specimen quality is ensured.


  • Fast and cost-effective production of tensile specimens
  • No technical personnel required; machine can be operated by anyone after brief instruction
  • Finishing with grinder produces very high quality specimens
  • Robust, easy-to-maintain machines
  • Blanking tools have a long service life and are capable of repeated re-grinding.

Our blanking machines for metals

Our blanking machines for metals

Blanking tools
C-shaped specimen blanking machine (M-Cut 65)
O-shaped specimen blanking machine (RZ 100/RZ 150)

Blanking tools

Blanking tools can be produced exactly in line with customers' requirements. For example, tools were produced from a special steel and provided with additional guides to enable dumbbell specimens to be punched from foils with a thickness of 0.04 mm and a tensile strength of 2,150 MPa. Depending on the strength of the material, between 20,000 and 150, 000 specimens can be produced using the tools. They can then be re-ground.

C-shaped specimen blanking machine (M-Cut 65)

The open design of the machine and the blanking tool (C-shape) allows removal of test pieces from sheets and foils also. If several blanking tools are in use, the side extension table (option) is recommended. This is in the form of a roller table and enables the blanking tools not currently required to be stored out of the way. Using the extension table, tool changes take about 20 seconds, offering significant time-savings in the event of frequent tool changes. The M-cut 65 specimen blanking machine (for 650kN compressive force) is suitable for material thicknesses from 0.04 to 6mm (depending on tensile strength and specimen shape).

O-shaped specimen blanking machine (RZ 100/RZ 150)

The closed O-shape requires precut strips. These blanking machines are already equipped with a side extension table.

Technical overview

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