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Test Tools for Textiles

Hydraulic puncture test fixture


  • Static puncture test to ISO 12236 and ASTM D4833

Specimen material: 

  • Geotextiles, geoplastics, non-wovens

Function description: 

  • In the hydraulic puncture test fixture the specimen is gripped between the optional compression rings. The puncture test is performed with the compression die. The hydraulic puncture test fixture may only be operated with a hydraulic hand pump.


  • The clamping rings for both standards can be changed without removing the upper compression platen.
  • High adjustable closing force combined with low operating pressure.
  • High test loads possible (up to 50 kN).
  • The large opening-width of this device provides excellent accessibility. Specimens can easily be fed and removed. This allows for high specimen throughput.
  • Mounting interfaces for all ZwickRoell table-top and floor-standing testing machines.
  • Design for operation with two-stage hydraulic hand pump.

Specimen grips for tests on textiles

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Interesting applications for tests on textiles

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