Kappa LA-DW

Lever arm testing machine with dead weight for tests up to 100,000 hours

The lever arm creep testing machine with dead weight was developed for classic creep tests and long-term tests up to 100,000 hours. Wear-free flexible joints guarantee optimal lever arm mounting and precise force application in a wide load range.
Kappa LA-DW


50 LA-DW

Test load, max. Fmax

50 kN

Lever arm ratio

20 : 1

Test area width between the columns

520 mm

Test area height, max. (without clamping fixture and clamps)

1500 mm

Crosshead travel

150 mm

Test frame dimensions (WxDxH)

1050 x 655 x 2312 mm

Test speed

max. 50 mm/min


603 kg

Supply voltage

230 VAC

Power rating

1 kVA