3-/4-Point Flexure Test Kit for Testing of Ceramics to EN 843-1 and ISO 6872 


3-/4-point Flexure Test Kit

  • The test kit is designed for flexure tests on ceramics to EN 843-1, specimen shapes A and B, and ISO 6872. The base of the test kit is a guide frame equipped with a safety device, in which the corresponding flexure tables and dies required for the test are installed. The necessary load cell is integrated permanently in the guide frame by the factory. 
  • The linear guide in the guide frame ensures exact alignment between the flexure table and the die. This makes mounting and dismantling of the test kit easy, since realignment is not necessary. The anvils offer the degree of motion required by the test standards, ensuring that the specimen is loaded in the most ideal way possible. Support rollers made of hard metal ensure minimal deformation at the support points. 
  • A suitable measuring transducer is available for determining the flexural elasticity modulus.