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Materials testing under hydrogen influence

  • Before the test, specimens are stored in a hydrogen atmosphere so that the hydrogen can diffuse into the material.The tests can then be performed with conventional testing techniques such as a tensile test, for example.
  • Under directinfluence of compressed hydrogen (high pressure) or liquid hydrogen (very low temperatures up to 4K), very exact test conditions can be generated, but they require complex testing techniques.

ZwickRoell testing solutions

  • For materials testing, static testing machines up to 250 kN are used to perform tensile tests and servohydraulic testing systems are used for fatigue tests and fracture mechanics investigations at pressures up to 1000 bar hydrogen environment(pressure:0.1 to 100 MPa, force:-100 to +100 kN, temperature:-85Β° to +150 Β°C).
  • In addition, the failure behavior of materials in liquid hydrogen under static, oscillating and creep loading at low temperatures from 4K is to be determined, for whichstatic testing machines and creep testing machines come into play(more information on creep tests).

Interesting Customer Projects

AIM Norway

Manufacturer of aerospace components – Investment in creep testing machines especially for the evaluation of hydrogen embrittlement to ASTM F519 and ASTM F1624
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Testing institute uses testing machine from ZwickRoell for tests down to -269 Β°C on additive manufactured aluminum and titanium structures.
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Further information and webinar recordings

Current Trends and Projects in Creep Testing Applications

In this workshop, you will receive insight into the current trends and projects in the field of creep testing. Get to know the different test solutions, which meet the diverse test requirements of e.g. metals, composites or ceramics.
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Alternative Drives

Today, everyone is talking about alternative drives in the automotive industry. New drive technology also means new testing applications. ZwickRoell offers ideal solutions for these applications.
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