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Ring Tensile Test to ISO 8496, DIN 50138, ASTM A370

Tensile test on metal tubes

The ring tensile test to ISO 8496, DIN 50138 and ASTM A370 is a test method for tubes to evaluate the ductility of the welded joint and to detect surface defects.

In the ring tensile test, a ring cut from a tube is placed over two tension bolts and pulled crosswise to the tube axis. The standard does not explicitly specify the position of the weld seam; however, a position offset to the tensile direction by 90° is recommended to eliminate influences on the weld seam through the contact point in the specimen grips. If nothing else is specified, the test is performed up to break. Characteristic values such the force curve or displacement curve can be evaluated using the testXpert III testing software.

The ring tensile test is used for tubes with a maximum outer diameter of 150 mm, an inner diameter >100 mm, and a maximum wall thickness of 40 mm.

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