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Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG: testXpert for Optimized Testing Processes and Data Analysis

Case Study

  • Customer: Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG
  • Location: Winnenden, Germany
  • Industry: home & garden, plastics, metals
  • Topic: Kärcher optimizes testing processes with testXpert from ZwickRoell

January 2024

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG was faced with the challenge of eliminating redundant entries, starting with the digital test order to the measurements, all the way to the test report. Furthermore, they wanted to process measurement data fully automatically. Through the integration of the testXpert testing software and its compatibility with external interfaces, the implementation was carried out cost-efficiently in-house—without the need to outsource additional services. This also ensures future-proof update and upgrade possibilities for these solutions.

Task Competencies Solution Result Products

Alfred Kärcher SE and Co. KG: global brand for modern cleaning solutions

Founded in 1935 and headquartered in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Alfred Kärcher SE and Co. KG develops, produces and sells cleaning appliances and systems for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The company has subsidiaries and sales partners in more than 80 countries. The Kärcher product range includes high-pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners and sweepers as well as numerous specialized solutions. The cleaning solutions are characterized by high efficiency, durability and environmental compatibility. The range of materials that are used in the products after they have been tested in the lab is equally wide. Kärcher tests for quality of both new plastics and recycled materials to be used in products throughout the entire group of companies. Due to its strong focus on research and development, the company always offers innovative and customer-specific solutions and can therefore adapt quickly to changing market requirements.

ZwickRoell top competences

  • High quality and durable products—making ZwickRoell testing solutions a stable-value investment for the longterm
  • Broad testing technology portfolio and excellent consultation services both in the acquisition phase and in the after sales service process
  • Longstanding experience of a solid medium-sized company in the field of testing and measurement technology with a promise of consistent high quality
  • testXpert testing software with user-friendly interfaces to all common systems (LIMS, ERT, ...)
  • Guaranteed: minimum 10-year spare parts availability for machines

The task


Kärcher recorded the results of all tests and analyses in a database, where they are merged with the material data sheets, order data, reports, etc. For some tests (such as those carried out by the company using the impact pendulum and the tensile tester), the raw data had to be processed quite extensively, as it is used for FEM simulations, among other things.

In the past, the order and specimen data for a test was entered manually in all systems and measuring devices. The problem: this was error-prone and often incomplete—sometimes even contradictory, namely when a specimen number did not match the material or specimen condition. The evaluation of measurement data in Excel files was also time-consuming and the range of challenges extended from inconsistent file naming systems to incorrect evaluations, as files were sometimes mixed up. Archiving also wasn’t very useful.

“Of course PDF reports with pretty graphics are nice to look at. Unfortunately, the PDFs are not very helpful for a quick overview to find out what the values of the last 20 batches of a particular material were,” says Daniel Carmine Manocchio, Head of the Kärcher Materials Laboratory.
Consequently, the objectives were: eliminate redundant entries as completely as possible by networking the various systems—from the test order to the measurements all the way to the test report In addition, the measurement data should be processed fully automatically, to the greatest extent possible.

The ZwickRoell solution


With the testXpert interfaces, it was easy for Kärcher to integrate the testing machines and devices into their IT system. The Kärcher materials laboratory now receives data from the order front end and transfers it to the materials database. This is also where the specimen numbers are created. These are used as a laboratory-wide identification criterion. This means that for tests using the testXpert testing software, Kärcher no longer enters extensive amounts of data such as order number, specimen number or material designation, but only the specimen number and the specimen condition.

After the measurement, the employee simply clicks on a custom created button in the menu bar and the export is automatically made to the Kärcher material database.

The adaptability of the testXpert testing software proved to be of particular value for Kärcher. “From graphic subtleties such as illustrations that explain input fields and custom symbols to external interfaces, this level of design freedom is rarely found in the measuring device sector. And best of all: the implementation was carried out entirely in-house, without expensive external programmers,” explains Manocchio. This means that the solution is future-proof since Kärcher already has the expertise required for changes to the database as they look ahead to new testXpert versions. And any necessary changes can be made independently.

The result

Test faster and more accurately with testXpert

By optimizing results handling, the process has been significantly improved for employees. Only the specimen number, the specimen condition and, if necessary, the dimensions have to be entered. Further details such as material designations no longer have to be added. The user-friendly one-click interface enables the automatic transfer of data to the corresponding systems and measuring devices. This networking extends from the digital test order through the measurement all the way to the test report.

The previously necessary manual entry of order and specimen data in various systems is history. This time-consuming process was error-prone and often led to incomplete or contradictory information. The evaluation of the measurement data in Excel files also proved to be complex and error-prone. The new solution minimizes this risk by automatically transferring and processing the raw data, especially for tests using impact pendulums and tensile testing machines, which are used for FEM simulations in other groups.

Additionally, the new method improves the archiving process. Instead of PDF reports, the data is now structured and easily accessible. Only a few clicks are needed to create statistical evaluations of one or more materials. Overall, this approach saves a significant amount of time that employees spend handling results, while at the same time minimizing the risk of errors. This provides Kärcher with an efficient and reliable foundation for the entire testing process chain.

“Redundant data input costs time, is error-prone and frustrates users in the lab. We cannot afford, nor do we want to deal with these issues! With testXpert, we have streamlined and significantly optimized our processes.”

Daniel Carmine Manocchio, Manager Material Technology, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG

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