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testXpert II

The software for materials testing until 2017 Download
  • All testing machines and instruments
  • Software für Materialprüfung bis 2017

testXpert II – ZwickRoell’s testing software up to the year 2017

  • testXpert II is state-of-the art software technology developed on the latest Microsoft Windows platform. It is straightforward and flexible, user-friendly and powerful, accurate and cost effective, intelligent and reliable.
  • testXpert II is the testing software for all test machines and instruments, serving as a single, standard testing platform for all applications. It offers a uniform, integrated operating concept that keeps training requirements for different testing machines and instruments to a minimum.

Are you already using testXpert II or testXpert III testing software? Are you interested in access to all the possibilities provided by up-to-date functionalities, new standards and compatibility with the latest operating system Windows 10? (see the updates and upgrades matrix below)

In this case we recommend an upgrade to our future-proof testing software

 testXpert III

Advantages & features

Advantages & features

testXpert II – at home in your industry
The benefits of testXpert II
Operating philosophy at a glance
User-friendly interface
Updates & upgrades

testXpert II – at home in your industry

ZwickRoell materials testing machines are employed successfully in more than 20 industries. Wide-ranging applications expertise based on decades of testing experience and interaction with customers from all industry branches enables ZwickRoell to deliver the right solution. Active involvement in various standards committees ensures that the latest developments are channeled directly into testXpert II software, making it the ideal solution for your industry.

  • Over 20,000 installations worldwide
  • More than 30 software developers continuously developing new functions
  • Service partners available in over 50 countries
  • More than 10 ZwickRoell representatives actively involved in international standards committees
  • Over 600 standards already available as Standard Test Programs

Rest assured— you are in expert hands.

The benefits of testXpert II

Ingeniously simple — testXpert II’s stand-out feature is its amazingly simple, intuitive operation. Meaningful icons and a clear menu structure enable rapid orientation and significantly reduce the time taken for familiarization, while the menu bar adapts to the user's actual requirements, making working with testXpert II ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious!

Intelligent — you can depend on the testXpert II wizards to guide you swiftly to your goal, even with demanding activities such as creating and modifying test programs and reports. And if you have any questions regarding the program, comprehensive Online Help will quickly provide exactly the right answer every time.

Modular product range structure — tailor test programs to suit each standard test or construct your own solutions in line with your needs. For every imaginable requirement there is already a ready-made solution. You can incorporate additional modules as and when you like.

Compatible with your hardware — testXpert II is compatible with all standard commercial PCs and laptops - no expansion cards required! This means that testXpert II will not invalidate any of the warranty conditions for your computer.
This simplifies changing your system’s computer and allows you to create your own test programs or carry out analyses in the comfort of your office - you have access to your test data at all times.

Operating philosophy at a glance

testXpert II is designed to be purely intuitive. Meaningful icons and a standardized structure for all applications make it easy to quickly navigate through the software and keep user familiarization time to a minimum.

testXpert II is the right solution for simple, standardized applications...

  • Load the test program, enter the specimen dimensions, grip the specimen, and press the start button—testXpert II will take care of the rest.

... and for demanding testing requirements in research and development

  • testXpert II offers a Master Test Program already prepared for all types of tests, allowing you to configure your test sequence to meet your needs.
  • You can also customize the user interface so you see only the graphics, results tables, tolerance displays, input dialogs, and layout elements that you require for your testing situation.
  • The comprehensive results and statistics tables can be expanded as required. Long-term evaluations and informative histograms are already integrated in testXpert II.
  • Freely programmable test sequences are a frequent requirement, particularly in research applications. The testXpert II Graphical Sequence Editor is the perfect tool for this.
  • ZwickRoell can provide customizations tailored to your specific applications.
  • Existing sensor technology is easily integrated in testXpert II; even measurement channels from external measurement amplifiers can be imported into testXpert II ///in synchronized form.

User-friendly interface

testXpert II is designed to be purely intuitive. Informative icons and straightforward structuring enable fast, easy orientation, reducing operator familiarization time to a minimum. An intelligent wizard function guides you systematically through the test configuration and automatically checks your inputs for plausibility.

Updates & upgrades

Do you already have testXpert II and would now like to have the latest version? A version update offers new important functions and features, new standards, and compatibility with new operating systems (see table below), and much more.

Do you have a testing system operated with testXpert II, but would like to upgrade to testXpert III? Following upgrading, testing machines equipped with testControl or testControl II electronics have access to all the options offered by the latest versions of testXpert III testing software.

Check it out for yourself:

testXpert III

Update and upgrade to testXpert III

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