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Testing software testXpert

Intuitive and workflow-based right from the start Download
  • All testing machines and instruments
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  • Flexible–from quality assurance to research & development Guaranteed standard compliance via more than 600 standard test programs

testXpert III - testing software

testXpert III is the result of over 80 years of experience in materials testing and close cooperation with users from industry and research. More than 40,000 testXpert installations have been successfully completed worldwide since the introduction of the first version of testXpert in 1995. With over 600 guaranteed standard-compliant test programs and many unique options, testXpert offers the right solution for every application.

Guaranteed standard-compliant testing

Getting started is easy–intuitive operation

Configuring the test with the intelligent wizard

Setting up the testing system with ZwickRoell's unique System Configuration Builder

Traceable and tamper-proof test results

Reliable data import and export

Viewing the testing machine at a glance with Condition Monitoring

testXpert III is easy to operate via a PC as well as via a modern touchscreen. Thanks to the intuitive and workflow-based operation, the operator always finds their way around easily - whether they are experienced testers or new employees.

Reliable and Standard Compliant

testXpert guarantees 100% standard-compliant testing with over 600 standard test programs. Whether you test according to ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS or other standards, every standard test program guarantees standard-compliant testing—and that, with just one click!

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Intuitive operation

Right from the start, you will be able to easily and intuitively navigate testXpert III. Testing with testXpert III is consistent with work processes in your company or laboratory and guides the operator throughout the entire process, from test preparation to performance to results analysis.

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Intelligent Wizard

Intelligent wizards make it easy to configure your tests with testXpert III. The data is automatically checked for plausibility. An explanatory image is included for each test parameter.

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Unique System Configuration Builder

Achieve reproducible test conditions and maximum safety for the user and testing system with our unique testXpert III System Configuration Builder. All relevant testing system and safety settings such as crosshead position, tool separation, and sensor configuration are defined and saved in a single system configuration.

The user does not need to adjust any settings when tools are changed. The correct system configuration is automatically loaded in the background, which eliminates operating errors.

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Traceable and tamper-proof test results

Tests such as those in the pharmaceutical and medical industry have special requirements on traceability and documentation. testXpert III ensures that the test results are always protected against tampering and that all changes and test results are traceable.

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Reliable data import and export

testXpert III reduces input errors, increases efficiency in the test lab, and communicates with your IT system through automated importing and exporting. All test relevant data is loaded directly from databases or directly from external devices. Exporting to all common formats or databases also takes place automatically.

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The testing machine at a glance

Clearly presented condition monitoring information provides a high level of transparency about the testing machine and the accessories used. The requirements for machine data are constantly increasing within the context of Industry 4.0. Condition Monitoring saves all machine-specific data in a local database on the machine PC. The data can be accessed through the machine dashboard and via web browser.

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Simply More

testXpert III is the testing software for materials testing—It features the right solution for every customer.


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  • testXpert III testing software PDF 2 MB
  • Product information: testXpert III PDF 234 KB
  • Product information: Update and upgrade to testXpert III PDF 5 MB
  • Traceable, reliable test results in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 PDF 1 MB

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