testControl II – the Innovative Electronics 

Powerful, innovative measurement and control technology

testControl II measurement and control electronics provide the ideal basis for precise, reproducible test results. As well as setting new standards in safety technology, efficiency and quality, testControl II is laying down a benchmark for drive technology.

Static and dynamic materials testing machines

Key Advantages and Features

  • Powerful drive technology gives materials testing machines high test speeds and return speeds. Faster return speeds mean reduced cycle times and increased test throughput.
  • testControl II impresses with its high measurement speed and accuracy, flexibility in use and fast control characteristics.
  • The combination of powerful, flexible measurement and control technology plus an innovative operating concept guarantees an optimum solution for testing applications, from the simplest to the most demanding.
  • The high-quality finish protects the testControl II measurement and control electronics from external influences. The components used are highly durable.
  • On static materials testing machines the testControl II measurement and control electronics are mounted vertically on the load frame for better protection against ingress by liquids or conductive particles (dirt, dust, liquids (IP 32), vibrations).
  • testControl II's 10kHz control frequency enables rapid reaction to events during dynamic tests , combined with a high measured-value acquisition rate.

High Measuring Accuracy and Reproducibility

Maximum accuracy

The smallest force changes on the specimen are quickly and accurately recorded and displayed. The A/D converter guarantees high measured-value accuracy over a wide measurement range with sampling rates of 400 kHz and 24 bit resolution.

High data transmission rate

Each travel and force peak is acquired with high resolution and recorded synchronously at 500 Hz on all measuring channels. Optionally, the measured value acquisition rate can be expanded to 2,000 Hz. The high data transmission rate enables fast measurement with the highest degree of reproducibility. This is highly advantageous for quick tests, short, brittle fracture events and in tear-growth, adhesion and peel tests.

Time-Synchronous Signal Processing

Time-synchronous acquisition of measured values from all sensors connected to plug-in slots takes place at the fast system-frequency, as does data transmission to ZwickRoell testing software. This ensures high test-result reproducibility regardless of the sensors in use or the test sequence; for example force and travel signal synchronicity is maintained, even with strongly differing test speeds.

Machine Compliance Correction

High-quality drive technology plus online correction of machine compliance enable very high travel-measurement and positioning accuracy. The ZwickRoell testing software automatically determines the optimum curve, ensuring maximum possible accuracy for travel measurement and positioning via the crosshead displacement transducer.

  • Real-time correction via the corrected channel directly in the testControl II electronics, regardless of test speed and duration!
  • Control and positioning directly to the corrected channel.
  • Ideal for tests for which direct-measurement extensometers cannot be used.

Eco mode

The testControl II machine electronics automatically switch to eco mode when not in use, saving energy.

System monitoring

testControl II system monitoring provides the user/laboratory manager with detailed information on the current status and level of utilization of the testing equipment. This enables further increases in testing equipment availability and greatly simplifies maintenance planning and spares/replacement procurement.

Powerful Drives and Drive Controllers

Fast, adaptive drive controller

The high drive control frequency of 1,000 Hz delivers fast, precise force and strain control. Benefits include enabling components to be loaded very quickly and accurately with a predetermined force.

Strain Rate Control

The AllroundLine drive technology’s excellent constant-velocity characteristics and interaction with the sensor technology and adaptive control make it ideal for demanding strain-rate control (e.g. ISO 6892-1, Method A1).

Controller Setup

Special controller set-up for testing situations with demanding control requirements. For example, if the force sensor is located on the fixed crosshead in force-controlled tests, the controller can simply be switched in the software.

Powerful Drives

Powerful drives allow cyclic tests to be performed at maximum speed up to nominal load - with no waiting time between tests. AllroundLine and ProLine use maintenance-free AC drives.

Flexibility Through Modularity

Flexibility Through Modularity

testControl II offers six flexible time-synchronized slots. These make it possible to use multiple sensors at the same time, and can be monitored and protected irrespective of use.

  • For example, an extensometer and a transverse strain extensometer can be used in addition to the load cell.
  • If the testing system is equipped with several load cells or additional sensors, these can all remain plugged in. All plugged-in sensors are automatically protected against overloads.

Innovative Interfaces

The innovative EtherCat® interface is incorporated as standard. The time-synchronized real-time Ethernet field bus system ensures future-proof integration of sensors and power units.

Gigabit Ethernet Interface

The Gigabit Ethernet interface (a proven industry standard) for the testing machine computer enables very high data throughput.

Use in Dynamic Testing


testControl II measurement and control electronics represent a universal controller for various drives used in materials testing.

The version developed for servo-hydraulic testing machines allows control of hydraulic linear or torsion testing actuators, used free-standing or in a testing machine.

The controller can be used for static, quasi-static, oscillating and dynamic tests on materials, components and complete structures.

Technical data



Control frequency

10 kHz

Measured-value acquisition

10 kHz, 24 bits, arithmetical

Integrated safety concept

2-channel specification for maximum safety

Interface for interlocked safety doors

Interface for emergency stop link


5x module bus

1x PCI Express

PC interface

GigaBit Ethernet

Hydraulic interfaces

2x servo valve

1x hydraulic distribution unit

1x hydraulic power pack

1x leak oil pump

1x frame hydraulics (clamping and adjustment)

Additional interfaces

1x SATA for optional hard drives

3x USB

Electrical supply

85..260 V, 47..63 Hz, 700 W

Dimensions (HxWxD), approx.

510 x 135 x 525 mm


19 kg

testControl II Xtension

testControll II xtension

More information about testControl II Xtension

Advantages and features

  • Plug & play - quick and easy to use with standardized operation in ZwickRoell Roel testing software.
  • Fast switching between various testing situations with different sensor systems, while your sensors remain connected.
  • Money-saving mobile use on different testing machines.
  • All testControl II Xtension channels can be used for any calculations.
  • testControl II Xtension's sensors can be used for force / strain control.
  • Easy retrofitting whenever you need extra sensors.
  • With the second testControl II Xtension even applications with an unusually large number of sensors are possible.

Reliable test results

Benefit from reliable test results

  • Automatic synchronization of all sensors
  • Up to 2 kHz measured-value acquisition-rate
  • Standardized use of high-quality testControl II components and ZwickRoell sensors
  • Traceable test results achieved through standardized, traceable calibration of all sensors
  • Repeatable, reproducible test results thanks to full integration into the testXpert III System Configuration Builder

Technical data

Technical data

For use with an AllroundLine or zwickiLIne materials testing machine with testControl II (from 2015)


testControl II Xtension

Item No.


Number of slots available for measurement and control modules:

Synchronized module bus slots


Force measurement

Class 0.5/1, depending on load cell, as per EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4

Measurement range

Up to 165% of Fmax

Calculated resolution (e.g. load cell in tensile/compression direction)



Measured-value acquisition-rate



Measured-value transmission rate to PC

500 (optionally 2000)


Zero-point correction

Automatic, at start of measurement

Measurement signal runtime correction



EtherCAT, synchronization module

Software versions required:

testXpert II

from V3.7

tC II electronics

from V7.7

testControl II Xtension

from V7.7 EthBusExp

(Research V1.7)

Ambient temperature

+10 to +35


Electrical supply data

Electrical supply

100 to 240 (wide-range input)


Tolerance range

± 10


Power consumption



Power supply frequency



Control electronics remote control

Ergonomic remote control with display

More information on testControl II remote control

Description of operation

Tests can be run entirely via the display remote control, independently of the PC. The measurement channels, machine and test status, and button assignments are shown on the display.

  • You can control the testing system with the remote control:
  • Start or stop a test
  • Approach the initial position LE
  • open or close automatically controlled specimen grips
  • specify self-defined functions

You can drive the crosshead of the testing system via the rocker switch.

Technical data

Technical data

testControl II display remote control for efficient and ergonomic operation of the testing system


Remote control

Item No.


Ambient temperature

+10 to +45












testXpert III Testing Software – intuitive & workflow-based

testControl II control technology plus testXpert III testing software - a powerful combination

  • testXpert III testing software and testControl II measurement and control electronics are perfectly matched, ensuring safe, efficient, reliable operation of the materials testing machine. testXpert III provides the optimum solution for any testing requirement.
  • testXpert Research software is designed for dynamic tests in conjunction with testControl II electronics. Integrated software for the entire test sequence guides the operator step by step through parameterization of the controller, the test sequence and result evaluation.

The Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) in Poland trusts in testing technology from ZwickRoell

In response to market requirements in the field of laboratory test services, the Office of Technical Inspection introduces a new research laboratory based in Warsaw, Poland. ZwickRoell has the pleasure and honor to be the supplier of destructive testing instruments, including the Z600ES universal testing machine, the RKP450 pendulum impact tester and the ZHU2.5 zwickiLine universal hardness tester. These instruments are used to test the strength properties of metal materials in static tensile tests, bending tests, breaking tests, Charpy impact tests and Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness tests. The laboratory’s primary area of activity is the provision of welding research in the qualification of welding technology. In addition, tests are performed on fastening elements such as screws.
Z600 Poland