Tensile Tests on Catheter Systems to DIN EN ISO 10555

Tensile test_catheter systems

DIN EN ISO 10555 with ZwickRoell

  • To determine the insertion and connecting forces of catheter tube systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10555, each individual connector must be loaded in tension until failure. For this, a wide variety of connecting diameters are required.
  • The 8050 self-aligning tension grip has a rotating self-locking disc with various opening widths used to test numerous connectors.
  • Pneumatic specimen grips for maximum tensile forces up to 1 kN are used for repeatable gripping of the opposing side of the catheter. The specimen grips are closed by means of a foot pedal, leaving both hands free to insert the specimen. The closing force can be set steplessly with the pneumatic control unit, and the low overall height of the specimen grips facilitates optimal use of the materials testing machine's test area.
  • In addition, ZwickRoell offers a wide range of jaws for the most diverse types of applications.
Tensile test catheter systems ISO 10555 turret specimen grips
Tensile test catheters ISO 10555 turret specimen grips

Advantages / features of our testing equipment:

  • Disc-locking feature enables tool-free changes between test environments.
  • Generous grip height enables testing of large specimens (for example, needle pull-out tests on syringes).
  • The specimen grip type 8050 can be used with any materials testing machine via ZwickRoell's standard connector system.
  • Easy changeover to additional rotating discs.