Puncture resistance of films

EN 14477, ASTM F1306

Puncture resistance of film to EN 14477

Puncture test on films (Parker Ball-Point Test)

Applying load using hard, sharp, or angular objects is important for packaging materials. Understanding puncture resistance is necessary if films are used as packaging material for food or parts with sharp edges. Puncture tests to EN 14477 measure this behavior using a pointed tip with a diameter of 0.8 mm. This test is also known as the Parker Ball-Point Test.

In this test, a strip specimen is gripped in the lower specimen holder. It is punctured from above with an exchangeable probe to measure the maximum penetration force.

A similar test is described in ASTM F1306. In this case, the probe is spherical with a diameter of 35 mm.

Force travel diagram for Parker Pen Test EN 14477, ASTM F1306