testXpert hardness testing software

testXpert is a single software system for all applications. It adopts the data, user, and test standard management functions of the hardness testing system or hardness tester, as well as other peripheral systems, and facilitates communication. Intelligent software wizards guide you quickly and effectively through all menus.
Indentation with measuring lines

Significant Advantages and Features

Master Test Programs cover the test categories that are defined for frequently modified or complex test requirements. With minimum effort and previous knowledge it is possible to create and modify test programs, configure screen views according to your individual needs, and create task-specific test reports.

Intelligent software wizards guide you quickly and effectively through all menus and simultaneously perform consistency checks.

Two Master Test Programs are available for hardness testing systems and hardness testers:

  • Optical hardness testing methods (Vickers, Knoop, Brinell)
  • Instrumented indentation test and hardness testing method with indentation depth measurement

Customized test programs are individual solutions for special test situations, with functions and sequences specified by the user. These programs can be created in one of two ways:

  • ZwickRoell supplies the appropriate Master Test Program and the user creates specific test programs with the aid of a software wizard
  • ZwickRoell creates the test programs to your specifications

testXpert is compatible with the following hardness testers for analyzing indentations:

  • ZHU/zwickiLine
  • ZHV30/zwickiLine
  • ZHV10