Configure test

Intelligent wizard for test configuration

All test-relevant settings can be made using the intelligent wizard.  

  • The intelligent wizard shows the operator which test parameters must still be configured. This is achieved by visually highlighting selectable elements.      
  • The data is automatically checked for plausibility. Only correct entries will only be used for testing.    
  • All corresponding functions are logically grouped where they are needed, allowing all settings for exporting to be set in one place.
  • An additional overview of all the settings for the activated control panel can be accessed via the "Additional functions" button. You can switch applications or test programs by simply clicking the Home button.
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A variety of wizards are available to customize the software to user requirements.

  • Standard wizard: The most important test and result parameters are found here.
  • Advanced wizard: This view also encompasses the selection of parameter dialog boxes which allow further settings. 
  • Customized wizard: If additional customized parameter dialog boxes must be set for a test, they can be saved in the customized wizard. There is no limit to how many wizards can be created. The active wizard is marked by a check.

Checking Entries for Plausibility

The wizard automatically detects whether all entries are correct. This example shows a warning notice that the crosshead speed was set too high. The permissible value range is displayed to assist the operator. 
Standard_check_testXpert III

Result selection

testXpert III offers preset results, which is especially advantageous for standard tests. Each result can be adapted to your individual requirements, and with the Results Editor option you can create as many results as you desire. You can choose from result types such as reference values, maxima, minima and average values, peaks, gradients and ZIMT scripts. ZIMT allows you to create any number of complex calculation and evaluation methods. The graphical display also helps with being able to quickly trace the result calculation.
Standard_results_testXpert III

Parameters for the simple report

As standard, each test program includes a simple specimen report. The report automatically fills itself in with a curve graph and with tables for the results, specimen data, report and test parameters. The standard parameters for the simple report can be edited easily with the wizard. 
Standard_report parameter_testXpert III

Report per individual requirements and specifications

Whether you need simple or customized reports, the Report Editor offers virtually unlimited possibilities. Any change made to the report is updated directly in the preview. Multiple reports can also be defined and saved with the test program.
Standard_reports_testXpert III
Report editor_testXpert III

Export interfaces

testXpert III offers several export options. Parameters, results, or measurement channels can be exported into Excel and ASCII files as well as be automatically integrated directly into the company database. With the Export Editor, diagrams and tables can be exported into common office applications or test reports can be sent via email. All test results can automatically be processed, printed, sent, archived, imported and exported directly. Once set up, testXpert III will perform all imports and exports automatically.
Standard_export interfaces_testXpert III

Expanded settings

The advanced wizard enables you to make advanced settings and provides parameter dialog boxes for the actual test configuration. It is especially advantageous for standardized tests that the wizard contains standard-compliant specifications. The user is guided through the entire test configuration step by step.

Advanced_break point determination_testXpert III

Visual Help

The wizard's user guide uses visual highlighting for active elements to make navigation easy and fast. Parameters already completed are marked with a check and specifications that still need to be completed are highlighted in red. Graphical depictions of the parameters contribute to intuitive operation.  
Advanced_visual aid_testXpert III

More Configuration Options

There is even a clear overview of individual customizations. All additional settings can be made simply with one click.
Standard_additional functions_testXpert III