Testing software for institutions of higher learning and R&D

  • Straightforward graphical test sequence programming
  • Versatile sensor interfaces
  • Advanced control options
  • Open results calculation
  • Time-synchronized video recording
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Always One Step Ahead

Unique test and evaluation requirements are possible with testXpert III: we get started where the others leave off!

  • testXpert III offers a Master Test Program already prepared for all types of tests, allowing you to configure your test sequence to meet your needs.
  • The user interface adapts to your individual requirements so that you see exactly the graphics, results tables, tolerance displays, input dialogs and layout elements that are required for your testing situation.
  • The comprehensive results and statistics tables can be expanded as required.
  • Long-term evaluations and informative histograms are already integrated in testXpert III .
  • testXpert III uses ZIMT, a flexible programming language for creating any number of complex processes, including calculation, and evaluation processes.
  • ZwickRoell can provide customizations tailored to your specific applications.
  • Existing sensor technology is easily integrated into testXpert III; even measurement channels from external measurement amplifiers can be imported in synchronized form.
  • Complex data can be displayed and interpreted easily and clearly with the Layout Editor (customized views are possible).
ZIMT Editor

ZIMT - ZwickRoell Interpreter for Materials Testing

  • ZIMT is a flexible programming language which can be used to access all test data and functions within testXpert III.
  • ZIMT allows you to create any number of complex calculation and evaluation methods.
  • The evaluation algorithms integrated in ZIMT can be used to analyze test data records.

Traceability of Specimen Behavior with Video Capturing

  • Videos synchronized exactly with the test enable visual analysis of specimen behavior during testing.
  • Additional single frames from the video can be generated for interesting points in the test sequence.
  • The point of break can be repositioned after the test.
  • At the end of the test the user also has the option of visually retracing the specimen behavior.
Airbag connector testXpert III

More examples of Video Capturing

Crack propagation testXpert III
Carbon fiber prosthetic foot testXpert III

Customized Test Sequences with the Graphical Sequence Editor

The Graphical Sequence Editor gives you all the flexibility and freedom you need. It is the perfect tool for creating individual test sequences of any type, allowing you to freely combine test events, parameters and results according to your requirements.

  • Operation of the Graphical Sequence Editor is configured to your individual needs by means of drag and drop.
  • Simulation of the created test sequence ensures that the testing steps are set up logically and that the materials testing machine nor the specimens get damaged.
  • Freely programmable test sequences are a requirement, particularly in research applications. The Graphical Sequence Editor is the perfect tool for n creating non-standardized test sequences. 
Graphical Sequence Editor testXpert III
Graphical Sequence Editor module options testXpert III
Graphical Sequence Editor testXpert III