Make your metals applications standard-compliant with ease

testXpert III offers over 600 Standard Test Programs, enabling you to find the right test program for almost any standard - with standard compliance guaranteed and with accurate, repeatable, worldwide reproducible and traceable test results. 

  • two-sided E modulus determination to ISO 6892-1 
  • validation to ISO 6892-1/TENSTAND
  • excellent strain rate control to ISO 6892-1 A(1) and ASTM E 8 as well to EN 2002-001
  • automatic estimate ot the optimum strain rate on the basis of the foregone test to ISO 6892-1 method A(2)

For tests that go beyond the standard or that are for freely configuring the test sequence for a tensile, compression, flexure, tear growth, adhesion, peel, and cyclical tests, testXpert offers already prepared Master Test Programs.


Strain rate control with the testing software testXpert III

Testing SoftwaretestXpert III and its Tensile Master Test Program ensures that all standardrequirements included in the Tensile Test to DINEN ISO 6892-1 are fulfilled. This includes:

  • Event-controlled and therefore automatic and standard-compliant test speed changes after determination of ReH, ReL or Rp and Rt.
  • Event-controlled and therefore automatic and standard-compliant switching of drive control type and therefore optimization (shortening) of test time, particularly important for robotic testing systems with high specimen throughput.
  • The adaptive controller adjusts automatically to optimum control for different specimen geometries (cross-section) and material properties (strength) and eliminates operator intervention / influence.

Further advantages of testXpert III

Visual connection_series_ISO 6892-1_testXpert III

The simple and intuitive operation of the testing software enables additional features, such as:

  • very easy switching to other standard-compliant drive control types (position or force)
  • automatic logging of test speeds used
  • setting of test parameters
  • creating test reports
  • export of specimen characteristics­
  • export to databases
  • creation of specific ‘Test Programs’ by the user­
  • reduction to one-button operation possible
  • software algorithm validation with TENSTAND raw data and internationally agreed target results

TENSTAND software validation

100% reliable test results with validation to ISO 6892-1/TENSTAND­ 

Your results when you’re testing a Standard Tensile Test in Metal according to ISO 6892-1 can be compared with the results of the National Physical Laboratory. These are internationally recognized raw data sets and internationally recognized tensile test results that ensure reproducibility in the calculation of characteristic values. These results can be verified in the TENSTAND software validation.

  • The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK's National Measurement Institute, and is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available.

Verify your test results according to the NPL results with the TENSTAND Software Validation.

  • Download the ASCII Datasets from NPL 
  • Load them in testXpert III and calculate your results 
  • Compare your result with  the ASCII Dataset

If your test results are comparable with the TENSTAND, you can be sure they are reproducible.

Automated data import and export

testXpert III reduces input errors, increases efficiency in the test lab and can communicate with any IT system via automated importing and exporting.

  • All test relevant data is imported quickly and directly from ERP systems, databases, or external devices.
  • Data can be exported into your customary evaluation analysis platform.
  • Quickly edit test reports as needed—testXpert III automatically exports data after requirements have been set once.
  • With testXpert III, external sensors and measurement amplifiers are synchronized simultaneously.
export_import_testXpert III
ZIMT Editor

ZIMT - ZwickRoell Interpreter for Materials Testing

  • ZIMT is a flexible programming language which can be used to access all test data and functions within testXpert III.
  • ZIMT allows you to create any number of complex calculation and evaluation methods.
  • The evaluation algorithms integrated in ZIMT can be used to analyze test data records.