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testXpert R Testing Software

Testing software for dynamic applications Download
  • Dynamic Testing Machines
Special feature
  • Fatigue testing
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Quasi-static tests

Testing software for dynamic testing systems

testXpert Research is the software platform for fatigue tests and other cyclic, dynamic, and quasi-static materials and component tests on dynamic ZwickRoell testing systems, which have been modernized with testControl II. The software platform uses the following three dynamic drive technologies:

The software uses an ergonomic workflow to guide the user through all steps of the test, from setup to results export. The side bar that always appears on the interface gives the user full control of the status of the test and the testing system. The software can record and save data with up to 10 kHz. Data recording for tests with high counting cycles can also be configured by the user to significantly reduce the data volume.

testXpert R Testing Software – Options

testXpert R Testing Software – Options

Low cycle fatigue (LCF) testing software
Fracture mechanics testing software K1C
Fracture mechanics da/dN testing software
Sequencer testing software
LCF test with triangular waveform and hysteresis recording

Low cycle fatigue (LCF) testing software

The testXpert Research low cycle fatigue (LCF) testing software is used for strain-controlled determination of the low cycle fatigue of metals in accordance with ASTM E606. The set value is generally a triangular waveform with constant amplitude. Sine signals are also possible.

For investigations of creep and relaxation processes additional hold-times and trapezoid set-values can be specified.


Pre-cracking the specimen and driving up to break with testXpert Research

Fracture mechanics testing software K1C

The testXpert R fracture mechanics testing software is used to determine the critical stress intensity factor K1C to ASTM E399. K1C determination is normally performed on brittle materials.

A defined crack is first created in the specimen by pre-cracking it in accordance with ASTM E399. In the next step, the specimen is pulled until it breaks. After the test, the determined KQ value is set in relation to the specimen width, crack length and the offset yield of the material.


testXpert R fracture mechanics testing software da/dN for crack growth determination

Fracture mechanics da/dN testing software

A special test program is available for testXpert Research for the determination of crack growth in the range of low and constant crack growth according to ASTM E647. With this test program, both pre-cracking and the determination of the crack growth curve can be carried out.


testXpert R Sequencer software – the graphical block editor

Sequencer testing software

The testXpert Research Sequencer testing software is a graphical block editor for intuitive design and performance of simple and complex test sequences. Up to 100 blocks can be parameterized. You can define set value functions from ramp, sine and triangle/trapezoid with freely selectable start directions.


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  • Due to their design, servohydraulic testing machines and, in particular, Vibrophores have been used exclusively as dynamic materials testing machines to determine the fatigue life of materials and components in the finite life fatigue range and high cycle fatigue range in the tensile, compression, pulsating load, and alternating load ranges.
  • By switching from testXpert Research to testXpert III, ZwickRoell servohydraulic standard testing machines and the new generation of Vibrophores can be used for both dynamic and static applications. These Vibrophores have therefore also been designated as a two-in-one testing system.
  • A key advantage is that both types of machines can be utilized as static and dynamic materials testing machines capable of exploiting the full scope of ZwickRoell's well-proven testXpert III testing software and application-specific testXpert Research dynamic testing software.


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  • Product information: testXpert Research Sequencer PDF 772 KB
  • Product information: testXpert Research Low Cycle Fatigue PDF 697 KB
  • Product information: testXpert Research Fracture Mechanics K1C PDF 1 MB
  • Product information: testXpert Research Fracture Mechanics dA/dN PDF 939 KB

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