DMS Strain Gage Clip-On Extensometers

Strain gauge clip-on extensometers are manual clip-on extensometers, that are clamped to the specimen. With various preset gauge lengths, they are suitable for use on metal and plastic specimens.

  • These measuring systems have excellent linearity, providing reliable test results.
  • Due to their miniaturized, lightweight construction they are also easy to handle with shorter specimens.
Strain-gage clip-on extensometers

Clip-On Extensometer at a Glance

Advantages and features

  • Excellent linearity for reliable test results.
  • High resolutions enable measurement of very small deformations during test.
  • Lightweight, miniaturized construction, ideal for specimens with small parallel length.
  • Initial gauge length can optionally be reset from 10 to up to 100 mm using extension pieces (does not apply to Type DMS Length 1).
  • Temperature-resistant measurement systems for use from -50°C to +200°C.
  • Extensometers for two-sided measurement of specimen deformation, enabling exact determination of Young's modulus and engineering elastic limit.
  • Variable measurement options are possible on extensometers with 2 separate measurement systems; individual signals or mean-value signal can be displayed.
  • While attached to the specimen the extensometer is prevented by limit stops from exceeding the measurement travel and protected in the event of specimen break (Type DMS Length 1 only).

Description of application

The DMS Length 1 extensometer is intended for fixed gauge-lengths L0 = 25 mm and L0 = 50 mm with a measuring range of 25 mm.

Extensometer types DMS Length 2, DMS Length 3 and DMS Length 4 are intended for fixed gauge-lengths L0 = 20 mm and L0 = 10 mm with a measurement travel of 2 mm in the tensile direction and 1 mm in the compression direction.

The DMS Length 5 is a double-sided clip-on extensometer with measurement systems delivering two individual signals. It is intended for fixed gauge-length L0 = 10 mm with measurement travel of 1.5 mm in the tensile and compression directions.

DMS Length 3, DMS Length 4 and DMS Length 5 are suitable for use in temperature chambers. DMS Length 5 is also suitable for use with HCCF.

Change in Width at a Glance

Strain-gage clip-on extensometers

Width Strain Gage

It is designed for use in conjunction with sensor arm extensometers or without a longitudinal extensometer and is intended for specimen widths W0 = 20.5 mm to W0 = 16.5 mm. Measurement travel is 4 mm.

  • For determination of Poisson's ratio on fiber-reinforced composites to ISO 527-1.
  • Selection of measuring tips to accommodate specimen dimensions.

Biax Strain Gage

The Biax 2501-2 clip-on extensometer can be used specifically for determining extension and change in width of fiber-reinforced composite or metal specimens.

This clip-on extensometer is suitable for determination of in-plane shear strength (IPS) and Poisson's ratio.

The strain-gauge-based clip-on extensometer's wide temperature range (-70 to +175°C) makes it ideal for use in temperature chambers.

  • High temperature range -70 to +175°C
  • For determining extension and change in width of metals and fiber composites
  • Initial gauge length≥25 mm

Technical overview of change in width

Strain-gage clip-on extensometers for change in width, biaxial strain-gage clip-on extensometers and strain-gage clip-on extensometers for ProLine materials testing machines.

DMS Width

Transverse strain extensometer for AllroundLine and zwickiLine testing systems


DMS Transverse

Item No.


Gauge width

convertible 20.5 to 16.5


Measurement travel



Specimen thickness

0.4 to 6 (steel)


Installation height



Measured-value resolution

depends on machine electronics, see machine electronics resolution


Class 0.5

to EN ISO 9513

USC or DCSC module required