ZwickRoell Delivers Pendulum Impact Tester to Indonesian Testing Laboratory Hi-Test

In the construction of pipeline networks for oil and gas transport, the quality of the pipes and pipe connections has to be ensured. Both simple carbon steel as well as high-alloy steels (304L,3016L) are commonly used for this purpose. The independent Indonesian testing laboratory Hi-Test performs the quality control for local manufacturers and relies on testing technology from ZwickRoell.
Pendulum impact tester HIT450P

Hi-Test produces specimen from pipes and welded joints to ASTM E23 for Charpy impact tests. One hundred to two hundred specimen are tested on one pendulum impact tester per day, in temperature ranges of -20 to -50 °C and +105 to 196 °C.

Hi-Test is already using two RKP450 testing instruments and values the quality of ZwickRoell products as well as the low life-cycle costs. The company has now decided on an additional pendulum impact tester—the new ZwickRoell HIT450P. In addition to fast and reliable test processes, Hi-Test particularly appreciated the easy installation and calibration with the ready-made concrete base.

With the testXpert III testing software, test results can be evaluated and optimally documented for their customers. The semi-automatic centering device ensures repeatable test results. Hi-Test chose the HSS from a wide selection of anvil materials, which in combination with the specimen materials provides a good wear-to-procurement-cost ratio.