Tear growth, peel, and adhesion characteristics

ISO 4578, Finat FTM 9, EN 1939, AFERA 4001


Tear growth tests

Tear strength describes the resistance of a material to the expansion of a tear. The test setup is similar to a tensile test. The specimen is a trouser specimen or angle specimen with a defined tear length.

Peel resistance tests

Peel resistance is measured during a pull-off test. Because the resistance depends significantly on the peel angle, the standard has produced a number of different test methods. ZwickRoell offers the right test fixture for each method.

  • 90° pull-off test
  • 180° pull-off test
  • Roll peel test
  • Sealed seam test

Initial adhesion

This characteristic, also known as a contact adhesion, is determined, for example, for adhesive labels and tape. It describes the first adhesion, known as the "initial tack" in the form of the maximum peel strength.