Static Materials Testing Machines

The First Choice for Tensile, Compression, Flexure, Shear, and Torsion Tests

The ZwickRoell Group is the world's leading supplier of static materials testing machines specifically designed for tensile, compression, flexure, shear, and torsion tests. 

Our static materials testing machines are suitable for testing applications in all areas, whether in quality control or research projects, delivering outstanding performance in challenging materials and component testing situations. 

Materials Testing with ZwickRoell for Any Application


The sound of materials testing

Listen to the sound of materials testing. Original recording of over 100 different ZwickRoell materials testing machines

Static Materials Testing Machines

Developed by our experts, these materials testing machines for the 200 N to 2,500 kN force range offer a wide spread of test strokes and speeds and feature high-quality load frames combined with intelligent drive systems.

A Standard Made in Germany

We manufacture products with maximum care and precision and supply state-of-the-art solutions for research and development to customers from every sector and industry. Our testing machines embody the proverbial quality of Made in Germany. All testing systems comply with the EC Machinery Directive.

Experience this yourself at our annual exhibition, testXpo, in Ulm.

Dr. Jan Stefan Roell
testXpo tent
  • Made in Germany
  • Safety for the entire testing system
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Flexible and ready for the next generation of technology

testControl II Control Technology & testXpert III Testing Software—A Powerful Combination

testControl, our sophisticated measurement and control electronics is the heart of each testing machine. It is easy to operate and extremely reliable. testXpert is our intuitive testing software, specifically designed for materials and component testing. It can intelligently adapt to each task and guarantees maximum accuracy and reproducibility in test results. testXpert and testControl work together to ensure efficient and safe operation of the materials testing machine.
Static and dynamic materials testing machines
testXpert II testing software

Flexible and Simple Integration of Accessories for All Materials Testing Machines

At ZwickRoell quality and reliability means understanding our customer's requirements. And we understand these needs by offering well-designed machines, reliable test results, and a high quality standard that applies to not only our materials testing machines, but also our accessories.