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multiXtens II HP

A Highly Versatile Extensometer for Strain Measurement in Changing Test Applications

Testing laboratories, development laboratories, and universities—all of them work with constantly changing testing applications and require simple changes between these applications, easy operation and operator-independent, reliable test results. ZwickRoell developed the multiXtens II HP extensometer specifically with these users in mind.

The multiXtens meets accuracy class 0.5 (to ISO 9513) over a measurement range of 700 mm and offers a high level of flexibility and automated functions such as automatic test area measurement. It covers all standard applications in static materials testing and is very easy to operate.

A wide range of applications

Everyday testing in a lab: from highly accurate tests on plastics and metals, to brittle-fracturing composites and elastomers prone to whipping, as well as tests on films and other highly extensible materials. While some tests require the high-accuracy properties of the extensometer, others demand a high level of robustness and a wide measurement range. The multiXtens II HP extensometer from ZwickRoell was developed specifically for this variety of applications.  

The secret to its versatility is a combination of the extremely high accuracy and wide measurement range. The accuracy class 0.5 to ISO 9513 is guaranteed over the entire measurement range of 700 mm. In addition, the sensor arms can be easily changed for different applications, therefore allowing the use of a single extensometer for tensile tests, compression tests, flexure tests and tests carried out in temperature chambers. Additional modules expand the application spectrum to include change-in-width measurement for determination of r and n values or the Poisson’s ratio.

Even measurements on difficult surfaces are reliable. multiXtens II HP offers various knife edges for very smooth or sensitive surfaces, for example.

Tests can be run up to the point of break since the system is protected with an integrated safety mechanism.

Quick and easy change between applications

The wide range of applications provides an optimal foundation for testing laboratories. So, what about switching between applications? The effort required should be minimal, saving time during both the conversion process and in user training.

The multiXtens II HP is a sensor-arm extensometer. The different sensor arms for tensile, flexure and compression tests, as well as tests under temperature conditions can be easily converted with the quick release fastener. The system does not even have to be switched off, thanks to the hot swapping functionality. The system also immediately detects which sensors are is being used. An Eeprom on the sensor arm supplies the system with various data including calibration data, thereby ensuring excellent traceability.

More specifically: when changing from flexure testing to tensile testing, the fastener is unscrewed, the sensor arm is replaced, the fastener is screwed back on, and the test program is changed in the testXpert III software. Thanks to the testXpert III architecture, independent system configuration data can be saved and recalled when needed—the data never needs to be re-entered. The multiXtens II HP automatically measures the available test area and places the sensor arms in the center, preparing the machine for testing with minimal effort.

Another practical example is the change-in-width measurement for determination of Poisson’s ratio on fiber-reinforced composites or the r value on metals.  The transverse strain extensometer is mounted on a third measurement carriage. It is activated with a simple click in the software. If it is not needed, it can be swiveled out of the test area.  

Operator-independent, reliable test results

The measurement of test results must be reliable and accurate, even when there is a change in operator. To achieve operator independence, the multiXtens II HP was equipped with a number of automatic functions.

The multiXtens II HP is a fully automated system, starting with automatic test area measurement. The sensor arms are then automatically centered between the test tools. Attachment and removal of the sensor arms is as automatic as setting the initial gauge length. 

The position of the measurement carriages that hold the sensor arms is continuously recorded and stored. Testing can move forward immediately after the sensor arms are changed.

A highly versatile extensometer for strain measurement in changing test applications

These automated functions not only make the system independent of the operator, but also make it easy to operate and applicable for automated testing systems. The multiXtens II HP from ZwickRoell thereby guarantees reliable test results in a wide variety of applications.