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ARBM Rotary Bending Machine

  • Metals
Test load
  • 120 Nm
Type of test
  • Rotating bar bending fatigue tests
  • DIN 50113
  • ISO 1143

The perfect machine for rotating bar bending fatigue tests

The rotary bending machine can be used for rotating bar bending fatigue tests in various industries including rail transport, energy, automobile, aerospace, and academia.

Advantages & Features

Advantages & Features



  • Fast, easy setup
  • Variably adjustable bending moment via weights
  • Constant bending moment over the specimen length
  • Steplessly adjustable rotational speed
  • Self-centering specimen clamping; high alignment accuracy
  • Safety systems as per Machinery Directives 89/392/EEC and 91/368/EEC

Technical overview

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