'roboTest N' smart light weight robot

With the 'roboTest N' robotic testing system, simple pickand place applications can be performed with a seriesof more than 10 identical specimens, which are automaticallyfed and disposed of.
Smart light weight robot 'roboTest N' for automatic function tests on injection pens

Key Advantages and Features


A typical configuration consists of:

  • Materials testing machine up to 20 kN
  • Tool for function tests, tensile or flexure test
  • Extensometer (optional)
  • robotTest N robotic testing system with integrated magazine for 20-30 specimens
  • Industrial controller with testXpert testing software and autoEdition3 automation software

Advantages & features

  • Due to the complete integration of the lightweight robot into the ZwickRoell software environment, robot programming knowledge is not required for operation.
  • The intuitive user interface for roboTest N in autoEdition 3 also ensures flexible use for future testing applications.
  • With force-controlled drive axes, the roboTest N requires a smaller installation location than conventional industrial robots, while maintaining the same level of safety.